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For Each Other, Not Against

As soon as people realize that Robotma and Crumney both have been mere figureheads of the real problem, we might actually start fighting for each other instead of against one another. Oil is bad. War is bad. Loopholes for the rich are bad. Lazy idiots are bad. Corporations have the power: it is in the […]

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Osborne with a Silver Spoon

In a stereotypically feeble move recently, Chancellor George Osborne has pledged to “get tough” on banking regulations. He’s proposed a law which supposedly forces banks to stop what he calls “casino” banking, in response to the shocking LIBOR fixing scandal proliferated by RBS and other major banking institutions recently. Osborne hopes this will prevent any […]

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Communism (from Latin communis – common, universal) is a revolutionary socialist movement intended to create a classless, moneyless, and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production, as well as a social, political and economic ideology that aims at the establishment of this social order. This movement, in its Marxist-Leninist interpretations, significantly influenced the […]

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Death Tax for the Top 1%

All assets and estates worth under $1,000,000 are exempt from 100% Inheritance Tax for at least two generations. You keep your property and are able to pass it on to your children if they wish to stay there. During this time the republic will have generated considerable wealth; this means you and your children will […]

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My Family and Meritocracy’s 100% Inheritance Tax

I am from a middle-class/slightly lower-middle class family, but I have no family issues whatsoever. I know that this is not the case for many, and I understand that family can be a source of great discontent. For me, though, it’s simply not so. I love my family dearly, and I can say the same […]

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Inheritance Tax FAQ

Meritocracy FAQs

Isn’t it my choice to determine how I dispose of my assets? 1,100 billionaires have double the assets of the world’s poorest 2.5 billion people. The vast majority of people have little to no assets to pass on to their children. If you want fairness and justice in society it is essential that there be a measure […]

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