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Sympathy from the Devil

In Meritocratic Democracy, the Devil’s Advocate ensures the strength of newly conceived policy. The most meritorious members of society are the utmost accomplished experts in their chosen field. The members of the hierarchy who have proven their intellectual worth to the rest of us will be the ones who put forth new policies, with the […]

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Meritocracy: A Closer Look: Part III

100% Inheritance Tax — after one million How it works: When someone dies, the state will be left with the inheritance of people who have assets worth more than one million dollars. It’s a tax that will affect only the rich. The dead do not need cash, housing or anything. Without this rate, we will […]

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Rich Kids: Don’t Envy Them — Pity Them

When I was at boarding school, those years of my life were filled with both the sweet first tastes of freedom and the bitter first tastes of how unfair the world could be. As with most schools there exist distinct “cliques”, or groups of students who naturally gravitated towards each other due to some unseen […]

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Allowing Inheritance: A Loathe Story

Why is inheritance allowed to be passed down from generation to generation? Isn’t it to prove 
who is the most loving and successful guardian by securing a better future than others can? 
Let’s slice through that pie of materialistic bull dung — but just to get a whiff for what it is, and we’ll stop […]

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Meritocracy Tablet: Never Set in Stone

Carrying on tradition? For what purpose and to what end? Is it that we as humans are so unsure of ourselves, so afraid of progress and open-mindedness that we would rather hold dear the ways of decaying ideas and systems that have long been washed away with the ocean of change and improvement? Are we […]

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1776 – 2012 Part II: Capitalism, Communism, and a Crock

Free-market capitalism is well known for its innate problems: total freedom in economy (the slaves are free to drudge), zero regulation (except during a recession, when those capitalists themselves are in trouble), extreme inequality, and profit-oriented, commodity-based, abolition of public property. In 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. Savants everywhere claimed that it signified the end […]

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1776 – 2012 Part I: Revolutions and Economics

1776: Boom! The American Revolution. The United States of America was established with the Declaration of Independence. At that time, America was no longer a part of the British Empire. This was the first time in history that humanity got a glimpse of a new type of society in which human nature could be born […]

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Volunteer for Meritocracy!

Volunteer Power

The Meritocracy International, the organisation behind The Meritocracy Party, is now officially open for recruitment, and we have added the corresponding info to our Volunteer page. We’re looking for smart, talented, and ambitious individuals who are keen on bettering the livelihoods of everyone in the world by advancing Meritocratic Democracy. In particular, we’re seeking those […]

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Wall Street: Robin Hood a No-Show—Part II

In Part I, we explored the failure of a petition set by a concerned anonymous citizen, to be saluted for his endeavor, regardless of its failure. Noting that roughly 11,000 American citizens signed the petition, there appears to be at least a growing concern, and conscientiousness for the future of the country. However feeble the […]

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