From Horatio Alger's Fame and Fortune

From Horatio Alger’s Fame and Fortune

Nazar Aljassar shows how Meritocracy is not at all what most people conceive of it to be. He explains what it is, how inheritance precludes equal opportunities, and why inheritance tax paves the way for all to shine to their greatest potential.

The Meritocracy International knows that Equal Opportunity for Every Child begins with the Millionaire’s Estate Tax. Nazar Aljassar illuminates the ideal:

End Inheritance, Support Meritocracy

“The self-made man, built in the tradition of Horatio Alger’s protagonists and other ‘rags to riches’ tropes, is a myth. America’s capitalist system that ostensibly rewards hard work has produced a world in which 30 percent of wealth belongs to the one percent. Furthermore, the state of socioeconomic mobility in the United States is bleak. Research by Pew’s Economic Mobility Project reveals a mere 4 percent of those born into the bottom fifth of income level climb to the top fifth during their lives. Bearing in mind the dreadful levels of inequality in America, how can anyone continue to believe in ideological shibboleths about meritocracy? Meanwhile, the concentration of wealth in the hands of the richest rentiers and their families continues to grow greater. We must cast off our quaking fears of inheritance taxes and take them a step further by ending inheritance entirely.”

Continue reading End Inheritance, Support Meritocracy by Nazar Aljassar, at The Cavalier Daily.

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  1. John July 10, 2015 at 4:21 pm #

    Great! End all inheritance and embrace the real meritocracy!!

  2. Zac Taylor July 3, 2016 at 7:34 am #

    Who is entitled to the land if it isnt inherited? Does the government own and resell it after death? I agree that inheritance breaks the system for working people by causing a huge gap in wages, one percent owning too much, not working to earn what they own. I dont see a better and more fair solution presented.

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