Flaming Greece miniThe hard hitting left winger Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece, has at long last agreed to a deal with the EU and the IMF. It promises to slap a hefty austerity package upon the Greek people in order to settle the nation’s (the nation’s bank’s) debts. The deal has been widely rejected by left wing politicians, including those from Tsipras’s own party, Syriza. So has our European hero given up under the forces of wealth and power, or is there any method to his madness? Most lefties claim that it is just that—madness.

On the other hand, the leader of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, was bouncing for joy when he heard the news. He was quick to say that he was “satisfied both with form and substance of the agreement” over Greece’s other option, exiting from the Euro. Grexit has caused significant anxiety for pro-EU groups who claim it could cause the failure of the Euro.

Some savvy left wingers have suggested the Eurozone living off of extreme debt is not indicative of failure, but of success. Perhaps we should rename the Greek Crisis, the Greek Victory? Greg Palast, investigator of corporate corruption, said, “The idea that the Euro has ‘failed’ is dangerously naïve. The Euro is doing exactly what its progenitor—and the wealthy 1%-ers who adopted it—predicted and planned for it to do.” Success or failure depends on which part of society gained the most from Greece’s plight. For the rich banking cabal, it was a roaring success; for the average Joe, not so much.

These events have been interpreted by some as indicators of a new EU, one whose rule is based purely off of neo-liberalism. Such a vision is reminiscent of Ayn Rand’s capitalist Utopia. This new European Union perhaps would be better described as the Libertarian Union. The arrangement would allow the 1% to control countries via financial terrorism. Yes, banks could wield the power of governance over sovereign states. Some feel that Syriza’s leader capitulated to the EU’s plutocratic mafia, basically betraying the cause for which they were elected. Social media has responded by verbally stabbing the deal and creating the #thisisacoup hashtag on Twitter to highlight the threat to Greece’s democracy. Whether or not a coup d’etat on behalf of the banks will become a reality remains to be seen, but the forecast is bleak.

The Left Wing UK have claimed that this new type of financial warfare would lead to a more hostile, less forgiving union, one which seems very far from the sentiments upon which it was built. They stress that austerity measures popping up in almost every country are going to squash the poor and lift the rich to untold heights of wealth and power. Furthermore, any objections to such a social order, such as a democratic referendum, will be invalid and judged as a reason to deal out tougher punishments. Think of it like speaking out of turn in an old fashioned school room. Instead of getting listened to, you get the whip. This new EU would be a place where debt relief is mere fantasy, and the people would be stuck to contracts which prioritise the needs of the wealthy over their own.

The fear being generated in Europe on behalf of Germany and the IMF is being felt by other small countries who can identify with the Greek situation. More so, they fear their country might be next. Let’s take the Republic of Ireland, for example: an even smaller country than Greece, with a similar population. Fionntain O’Toole of the Irish Times asked, “What’s the difference between the Mafia and the current European leadership? The Mafia makes you an offer you can’t refuse. The leaders of the European Union offer you a deal you can neither refuse nor accept without destroying yourself.” Perhaps the EU now less resembles an economic cooperative, and more of a cosa nostra? Don’t tick off the Don, or you’re going to get whacked!

Now that we’re all caught up with what has been going on in the EU, we can stack it all up against the principles of Meritocracy, and see how high the EU scores.

Let’s be honest here, the current situation places the business interests of the neo-liberal elite above those of the ordinary people. The elite have always hoarded their wealth in the family, passing it along down the generations. This zombie money puts particular families at the forefront of privilege throughout history. This is the definition of nepotism. So the EU scores 0 out of 10 on preventing nepotism.

Old families have friends, and they always love to do a little favour here and there for their buddies. However, their friends tend to be other rich families and not the average Greek on the street, so again big money wins, and the people lose. Sorry, Greece, cronyism is your lot for the moment. Better luck next time on making the cut for the in-crowd. The EU scores 0 out of 10 on preventing cronyism. Nepotism and cronyism permitted, as they are, in the new EU, constitute discrimination against the poor. Oh dear, EU, that means you score another 0 out of 10 on the preventing discrimination scale.

Think we’re a little harsh on the old EU? Let’s have a look at how the EU provides equal opportunities for its member states. Oh look, it doesn’t! If you aren’t rich, you lose out on education, healthcare and nutrition. Either the bank of mum and dad provides for you, or you are left to rot. Another 0 out of 10 for the EU. Is there any real point in even asking whether or not the austerity deal rewards merit? In fact, it doesn’t even see merit as a factor. On rewarding merit, the EU performs at an atrocious -10 out of 10.

Greece may have thrown in the towel to the powers that be, but the hope for Equal Opportunity for Every Child lives on with the Meritocracy International. When you apply the principles of Meritocracy to a system, you guarantee that there will be no nepotism, cronyism or discrimination. Your social class, race, sexual orientation or whatever will be an utter non-factor. Equal opportunity means equal opportunity. A poor child will be guaranteed as much access to what she needs to thrive and develop as a child of the rich has now. The state’s only purpose will be the advancement of every citizen, and will recognize and reward merit. Social capitalism is the economy of the Meritocratic Republic, which rewards achievers, but not to such an extreme that they attain enough assets and power to dictate their own terms to the world—most importantly after they’re dead. 

The key to preventing the dead from dictating terms to the living is the Millionaire’s Estate Tax, which will return the private wealth of the deceased to the public coffers. This means that massive amounts of money cannot be kept in private hands forever, but are used to enrich the lives of those who are still living. The Millionaire’s Estate Tax obliterates governance from the grave.

Are you listening, EU? The Meritocracy Party is numbering your days of corruption and crony capitalism.

Does Greece’s plight ignite your demand for Equal Opportunity for Every Child? Take a stand. Get involved. Start with the Volunteer button at the top of this page, and/or the Donate button, to help us spread an awareness of Meritocracy to every mind.

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Níall Caldwell
Niall Caldwell is a journalist from Ballycastle, Northern Ireland. Intent on revitalizing the integrity of the media, he writes news articles, features and reviews, and dabbles in poetry and fiction prose. He likes photography and weight lifting. Niall runs a podcast called Experimental Home Media, where he presents his views on Meritocracy. He is the Party Leader of the UK Meritocracy Party. Niall took off in pursuit of Equal Opportunity for Every Child after witnessing the elitism of the aviation industry in particular, whose hegemonic practices keep working class people out of the cockpit, regardless of talent.

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