Dare to trigger.

Dare to trigger.

Seething all over the world are obvious dangers. ISIS. Terrorists. Fanatics. Dictatorships. Politicians. Neo-Nazis. Bankers. Etc. These are evident to any sane individual, and have been exposed many times over. A simple Google search will yield millions of pages of results laying bare these threats, so there is no further need to discuss them. Instead, we will unmask the menaces in society which aren’t so obvious.


Evil: In today’s world, relativism is among its most insidious forms. This isn’t at all obvious, because it is brilliantly disguised as “everyone voicing their opinion and having it recognised by all as equally valid”.

What’s wrong with that?

At first sight, perhaps nothing. In theory and in practice, everything. In such a system, where every voice is deemed “equal”, merit doesn’t exist—cannot exist—because it is never recognised. People espouse their worthless opinions all the time on things they do not understand. It’s one thing to have an opinion, but another thing altogether to demand that people respect it. Why should they? Just because you said it? Get real. People will argue that Islam is a religion of peace without ever having read the Qur’an or associated texts! By what right do these people even hold an opinion, let alone expect it to be respected by others?

“The great evil that has been able to flourish in the absence of mathematical understanding is relativism. And what is relativism? It’s the idea that there is no difference between shit and Shinola—that all ideas are somehow operating on equal footing. The enemy that will really subvert the building of a world based on clarity is the belief that we cannot point out the pernicious forms of idiocy that flourish in our own community. If we had learned mathematical logic, or reason, or rules of evidence, when someone approaches us excited to inform us that the ruins of Lemuria have been spotted in the deep sea off Big Sur, or something like that, we would be able to respond to that with the contempt it deserves. We have perfected politeness. We have perfected the ability to listen to damn foolishness without betraying by so much as the flick of an eyebrow that we realize what we’re in the presence of. Now, I think it’s time to refine our mathematical skills, learn to think straight, and not be afraid to denounce the pernicious forms of foolishness which are vitiating the energies of our community and making us appear marginal and absurd in the discourse about truly transforming society.”—Terence McKenna. (His entire wonderful speech can be seen here.).

This goes to the core of the matter. Have you ever met a Christian, Muslim, or Jew whom you have not secretly considered to be insane for their adherence to policies that quash individual potential? When they are talking about Mohammed being swept to Heaven on his Night’s Journey, or Jesus Christ being born of a Virgin, or that Jews are the “Chosen People” of a supposedly universal, all-loving God who cannot have a Chosen People by definition, have you not quietly thought to yourself, “Wow, what a nutcase; how can’t they see that these beliefs preclude recognition of everyone’s human rights? Do they not see the difference between reality and story?”

When you meet some new-ager who drops tonnes of acid, and speaks about other dimensions, quack conspiracy theories involving Atlantis, pyramids, aliens, shape-shifting lizards, and other utter nonsense—guaranteeing their chance being zero of ever approaching a lucid conversation on how to bring about equal opportunities—have you not thought to yourself, “This person is in dire need of a reality check”?

If you haven’t thought these things, it is either because you accept that everyone’s opinion is indeed “equal” or worthwhile (which is a direct consequence of brainwashing—you are so indoctrinated by the system which has ingrained this into you that you will happily accept anyone’s point of view as “worthy of consideration”), or because you are too cowardly to plainly tell these morons the truth. Neither position is good.

The more irrationality thrives, the more it divides humanity, since everyone believes they are right and are allowed to do so. It’s past time to stand up to relativism. There is an objective, knowable truth to the universe. (It’s mathematics!)

Time to place reason and facts over feelings. It isn’t feelings, or love, that has achieved any advancement in humanity’s history. It is reason, fused with action. Feelings have their place in the world, certainly. They should be nurtured and respected, but they are always and forever secondary to reason. If a fact hurts your feelings, well, that’s too bad. Everyone knows the truth hurts. The truth should never be silenced in order to spare feelings.

Relativism enables a free-for-all by the global elite on individual pursuit of happiness. It’s an endless feast for them until enough people learn to think, and to stand up for reason, relativism’s enemy. Only then can we make sane policies such as Debt Erasure and Public Banking, some no-brainers that advance Equal Opportunity for Every Child.

Political Correctness

One of the worst enemies of free speech is political correctness. This is the insidious form of Orwellian thought control which suppresses what you want to say. You can’t call a spade a spade, because that would be politically incorrect. Self-censorship is rife. People don’t even need to be policed anymore, since they will do it themselves. At all times, there is someone waiting in the wings, ready to be offended. We say, we aren’t going to censor the truth for your feelings and perverse desire to be offended by something.

Consider the following:

“You might think it’s fun to joke about this potato, but do you consider how this image might trigger someone, like myself, with Irish ancestry, because it reminds us of the potato famine? Also, the potato is brown and dirty and it grows in the ground, which could easily be construed as a statement that brown skinned people are dirty and live in caves. Meanwhile, people from Idaho are likely offended because this image appropriates their culture and makes a mockery of it.
It might be a big laugh to you, but remember that this potato is also a visual image, which is certain to make the visually impaired feel excluded. Not to mention that a potato is a spherical, three dimensional object. If you stopped to think for one second, you might see how this could ostracize those who struggle with depth perception and those who are geometrically challenged.
This says nothing of the trauma it will surely impose on the starch intolerant community. Obviously—but I’m sure you all knew this—potatoes are originally indigenous to the Andes mountain region, so this picture could quite easily cause emotional stress to the peoples of that area who feel they don’t get enough credit for cultivating the potato for so many centuries before privileged white Americans stole it.
So, yeah, have your laugh, you bigots. But think about what kind of harm a provocative photo like this might do to all of these groups.
As you can clearly see, everything truly is offensive and everyone’s feelings are hurt, so stop saying things, thinking things, or otherwise communicating thoughts of any kind to anyone. It’s the only way to make sure everyone is safe.

(No potatoes were actually harmed in the making of this post.)”

We salute the brilliant mind behind this ingenious satire designed to portray everything wrong with political correctness. People can dream up all sorts of bullshit in order to be offended, about any subject—even a simple potato, as demonstrated. If the truth offends you, then we find you offensive!

“It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more … than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well, so f-ing what?”—Stephen Fry, “I saw hate in a graveyard”, The Guardian, 05 June 2005

“Political correctness is one of the engines of nannyism. Allowing, and even encouraging ‘offensive’ ideas is vital for the intellectual health of a free society.”—David Harsanyi

“To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” – Aristotle

Screw political correctness! Encourage free speech!


We are not dogmatists. We encourage healthy scepticism, free-thinking, and an exploration of ideas. If any better idea comes along to trump a current one we hold, we will certainly modify our stance. But certain things are absolutely non-negotiable—like the Millionaire’s Estate Tax. This is without a doubt the most important tax in human history, since it resets every generation and prevents any one family from getting too wealthy and calling the shots, with no merit to do so. In this world, money talks. In our world, merit talks. If you don’t agree with this because you feel entitled to your parents’ money, then it reveals some key things about your character:

One, it shows greed. A million dollars is more than enough for anyone to inherit. It provides a suitable platform for any goals you may have. From there, it is up to you to make the most of yourself and your abilities. The state will certainly provide you with the best education, support, and drive for whatever your goals are—but ultimately, it is up to you to achieve them.

Two, it shows that your own self-centric view trumps the far more important issues that are going on in the world. Eighty-five people own the same amount of wealth as 3.5 billion others! Is this healthy? Is this normal? These are the people the Millionaire’s Estate Tax seeks to overthrow, not the common man. If you think your own inheritance is more important than overthrowing the current nauseating system, then you have stated that your allegiance lies with the rich elite, since they too put themselves first, and screw everyone else! If so, why are you here? We are your enemy, and you, ours.

There have been endless debaters about this particular tax. It seems to bother and scare people to no end, but there is no sufficient reason for it to do so. For further information, see here.

Rational, altruistic people will immediately see the benefits of this. Everyone else won’t. However, to those who don’t, there is some strange mentality which overcomes them. Instead of looking at it and saying, “This isn’t for me”, and then moving on to something they can be happy with, they instead lurk and linger around, debating and trolling endlessly.

We are not a debating club. We have certain core ideas which are absolute cornerstones of what we are achieving, and there is no budging on these matters. Moreover, the debaters are people who haven’t read a single page of the The Meritocracy Party website, yet still feel they are somehow entitled to criticise it. It really could not be simpler: If you don’t agree with us—good-bye. No point sticking around trying to change our minds; it is never going to happen.

If you are on board with the ideas, but need a little clarification, that is fine. As mentioned, healthy scepticism is completely normal and even encouraged. Endless debate, however, is not. One must approach knowledge with a humble attitude, not brash arrogance.

Worst of all, these debaters (or “trolls-lite”) will bend over backwards trying to justify and defend the current system, even though it has obviously failed them on every level. Instead, why don’t they use this debating attitude to debate for a system like Meritocracy, which will help them? They will think of any argument for the world not to change, then bitch about the shitty state of the world to their friends in the meantime, and how no one wants to do anything about it. Hello?

Finally, it is important to note that not one troll has ever attempted to challenge the writers of the source material on an intellectual level, because that would actually require them to know something about science, psychology, philosophy, and—mathematics, their ultimate horror. Instead, they criticise this or that aspect of the writing, and assume things which are entirely false (and they’d know they were false if they’d bothered to actually read the material!). But reading takes too much work. Much easier to attack something, even if you don’t know the first thing about it, right? To contend with the authors would require you to have achieved some level of mastery in philosophy, science, mathematics, and psychology. It would require you to compete against minds like Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Leibniz, and Hegel—towering geniuses of the human race. Are you smarter than they are?

The human condition truly is bizarre.

by Kevin Fitzroy

This article is the first part of a three-part article series.

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