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Celebrate Black History Month? You’re Damn Right I Don’t!

You’re damn right I don’t celebrate Black History Month. I don’t celebrate any holidays or time-of-the-month “menstruating” happy days. It’s all nonsense. Unless the celebration is accomplished by the living of one’s own life—unless every day we live the principles of great men and women, where we look to the present and future as the […]

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Bosnia presents a terrifying picture of Europe’s future – and a way out | The Guardian

Many protest movements are criticized for having few positive ideas. Concerned people assemble to demand change, but apologists for the status quo ask, “How do I know your ideas won’t make the bad government even worse?” The strongest position that protesters can hold is that of supporting Meritocracy. Meritocracy has actionable ideas that will improve […]

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Post-Humanity: Transhumanism, Libertarianism, and the End of History—Part II

In the United Kingdom, the use of preimplantation genetic diagnosis to select a child’s sex is illegal. Every year, tens of British parents—including prominent politicians—travel abroad to the United States and elsewhere to circumvent the legal restrictions against PGD in their home country. The lesson: legal prohibitions […]

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The Waltons Are the Greediest Family in the World | Gawker

While some financial oligarchs steal money with their right hand, then give to charity with their left hand, The Walton family doesn’t bother to hide their greed using charity. Only the Millionaire Estate Tax can guarantee equal opportunity for every child. Billionaire families will never do it. Four members of the Walton family, heirs to […]

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Death of Liberalism

Liberalism is over. As an ideological movement, liberalism has lost all of its power and has been stripped of its former nobility. Once viewed as the guardians of science and humanism within the political sphere, liberal institutions have now been subsumed by the corporate state. All liberal values have been reformulated; melted down and recast […]

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Broken Laws

The world is broken precisely because people, especially lawmakers, do not have a respect for—or understanding of—the laws of a nation. When our very own lawmakers give in to laziness, lobbyists and corruption, then how can good laws come about? We create a vicious cycle: bad lawmakers produce bad laws, and naturally the citizenry do […]

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