Isn’t love the answer? If we spread the power of love, won’t that convince people to stop hoarding?

H umans tend to hoard because we worry about our families. If you do not hoard, someone else will, resulting in your kids being disadvantaged. This is a legitimate fear in a society that makes it possible for one family to dominate all the others. The answer is to stop any family from gaining too much power. If your government kept families from consolidating destructive power, you would feel safer about your child’s future. When Meritocracy ends the risk that your child could be economically abused, you will be able to relax and focus on serving your community, spreading love, and creating a beautiful earth to pass to the next generation. Love can only flourish when abuse is not tolerated.

What kind of society do you want? A comfortable community where families work toward a common good, secure in the knowledge that their children will always have enough? Or a hellish economic hierarchy where everyone is constantly paranoid, and psychopathic families seek unlimited wealth for use as a weapon? Meritocracy ends the family feud. It eliminates the threat that overwhelming wealth poses to your children. When other families do not threaten your child’s freedom, you will not worry about hoarding. We will all feel safe enough; we will work together to create our Star Trek future.

   THE MERITOCRACY PARTY is creating a world where every child is guaranteed an equal opportunity to thrive. If you share this ideal, consider making a small donation to fund our servers, or join the MERITOCRACY INTERNATIONAL as a volunteer.

   We are artists, activists, writers, and intellectuals who crave an authentic and fair world. We feel the anomie of this age but we have a plan to fix it. Join us and create a better future‒make your grandkids proud.

CASPER SAUL joined THE MERITOCRACY PARTY in 2012. His activism focuses on economic equality--justice for the "bottom billion" whose cultures were dismantled by colonialism before being exploited by capitalism. Casper believes that guaranteed equal opportunity for every child is the only way to end the poverty caused by the financial oligarchy's concentration of wealth. He supports the MILLIONAIRE INHERITANCE TAX as the ideal policy to realize justice for impoverished communities that have been economically abused by the 1%.

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