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The Millionaire’s Estate Tax: So, What Gives?

So, what gives? What is the function of the Millionaire’s Estate Tax? It is a declaration of independence from the dead who have dictated the fate of the living. It is the economic guillotine designed to sever the global dynastic powers of extreme wealth and privilege, which deny countless others the opportunities to which they’re […]

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America: The Platonic Plutocracy

At the most basic level, a plutocracy is rule by the rich. The super rich have control over the political process, ensuring that the government and its officials no longer act in the interests of the general will, but rather of the particular wills of wealthy persons. Those affluent individuals are most often guilty of […]

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The Real Free-Market Capitalism: Part II

It is generally accepted that the have-nots will sooner or later stand up against the rich, since they have no choice. Unlike the rich, they have nothing to lose. However, this logic doesn’t apply when there is something called a “safety net”. It is this safety net that stops the poor from getting back what […]

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The Great Gatsby Curve and the Decline of the American Dream

The Great Gatsby is a great American novel and a literary classic, capturing the essence of an era. Written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, the plot takes place over a few months during the summer of 1922 in the Long Island district of New York. Fitzgerald portrays an era of decay, both in moral […]

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The Real Free-Market Capitalism: Part I

Free-market capitalism, a flagrant plutocracy wherein the rich dictate everything, can be decomposed into three layers. The super rich, or upper class, comprise the top 5%, the middle class inhabit the next 45%, and the poor, the lower class, languish as the bottom 50%. Tactically, if the lower class wanted to take down the upper […]

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Dispelling the Myth

A common and misconstrued belief about Meritocracy is that it is an ideal from which arises the justification of entrenched elitism. Many have suggested that the word is merely a myth, or even an impossible standard—although admittedly virtuous—towards which we should strive. British writer Alan de Botton puts forth an argument that the trend in […]

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Streamlined Meritocracy: Trimming the Fat

Perspiring Economy We all know what happens when you consume more calories than you burn: you gain weight. Also well known is the outcome of allowing your weight gain to become habitual: a decline in health. What happens when your health continuously declines? Death. That’s it, folks. End of story. In health we see that […]

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The Immortal Army

In the famous Japanese comic “Naruto”, an immortal army, that can automatically rehabilitate itself in perpetuity after being wounded or killed, is summoned up against humanity. Since the dawn of man’s apprehension of the inevitability of death, people have been obsessed with immortality, roaming everywhere in search of immortalising agents. In ancient Chinese history, it […]

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Inheritance Tax: A Love Story

What or whom do you love the most? Your family? Your girlfriend? Yourself? Well, what’s love got to do with it? If it does matter, how much do you love those people? And what would you do to preserve those whom you love so eloquently? Instead of saying that you love them all the time, […]

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Millionaire’s Death Tax Introduction

The rest is destined to society.

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