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Hidden Dangers, Part I

Dare to trigger.

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Ikegai: Part I

Everyone, according to the Japanese, has an ikegai. Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search of self.

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The Perversion of Contemporary Philosophy in Education

Education has lost the mystery it once held, traded it for economy.

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Broken Laws

The world is broken precisely because people, especially lawmakers, do not have a respect for—or understanding of—the laws of a nation. When our very own lawmakers give in to laziness, lobbyists and corruption, then how can good laws come about? We create a vicious cycle: bad lawmakers produce bad laws, and naturally the citizenry do […]

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Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives, via voting. This may include mechanisms for the proposal, development, and creation of laws. Ideology Democracy claims to represent the will of the people (at most it can represent the will of the […]

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How Do You Define Merit in a Meritocracy?

A common concern with Meritocracy is the question of defining merit. We’re led to believe that everyone has their own definition of merit, and that this stops Meritocracy from ever being truly effective. While it’s true most people will have their own idea of what constitutes merit, this is a far deeper question than we […]

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Sympathy from the Devil

In Meritocratic Democracy, the Devil’s Advocate ensures the strength of newly conceived policy. The most meritorious members of society are the utmost accomplished experts in their chosen field. The members of the hierarchy who have proven their intellectual worth to the rest of us will be the ones who put forth new policies, with the […]

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Meritocracy: A Closer Look: Part III

100% Inheritance Tax — after one million How it works: When someone dies, the state will be left with the inheritance of people who have assets worth more than one million dollars. It’s a tax that will affect only the rich. The dead do not need cash, housing or anything. Without this rate, we will […]

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Implementation of Meritocracy: After the Why, What About the How?

An introduction to the idea of Meritocracy and its validity often raises the question, “How will the ‘best’ rise to the top?” Answers lead to more questions: “How will we implement this version of Meritocracy in a reasonable way? What are the steps needed to bring this plan to fruition?” From the answers to these […]

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True Merit: A Portrait

In order to implement Meritocracy, we must have a good foundation. We ought to define what we mean by merit. After all, without a clear enough definition of what constitutes merit, the vision we are aiming for becomes too vague. Nothing so vague would bode well for us, especially when it concerns the primary substance […]

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