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Revolutionary Meritocracy: A Peaceful Solution?

Revolution: the prospect invokes visions of violent uprisings: torches burning, breaking glass, and heads flying. This was the old way of doing things. The people were desperate, living in penurious conditions, and the oppressors were brutal savages, so it was only fitting that blood would flow. Nowadays, developed countries usually look for a more “feminine” […]

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The Unfair World

Life isn’t fair. We hear this terrible excuse for the ills of this world all the time. It is meant to somehow ease the pain whenever something unfair happens to us. It is this kind of lazy thinking that allows the world to remain unfair. We are in need of some real parenting. Many great […]

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The Millionaire’s Estate Tax: So, What Gives?

So, what gives? What is the function of the Millionaire’s Estate Tax? It is a declaration of independence from the dead who have dictated the fate of the living. It is the economic guillotine designed to sever the global dynastic powers of extreme wealth and privilege, which deny countless others the opportunities to which they’re […]

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The Best Is Yet to Come: Part III

Suffrage reflects the will of the people, and therefore is the foundation of a legitimate government. Arbitrary whims of tyrants are no good measure for effective governance, and as Abraham Lincoln made clear, a truly legitimate government is of, by, and for the people. Therefore, along with constitutionality, voting is something that shall necessarily be […]

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Positive and Negative Liberty

Negative liberty is the absence of obstacles, barriers or constraints. One has negative liberty to the extent that actions are available to one in this negative sense. Positive liberty is the possibility of acting — or the fact of acting — in such a way as to take control of one’s life and realize one’s […]

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America: The Platonic Plutocracy

At the most basic level, a plutocracy is rule by the rich. The super rich have control over the political process, ensuring that the government and its officials no longer act in the interests of the general will, but rather of the particular wills of wealthy persons. Those affluent individuals are most often guilty of […]

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Meritocracy: Call to Action

Can’t you feel it? The passion? The intensity? The fire? This is one of the many faces of Meritocracy, the political system of the people, by the people, for the people. Meritocracy is reinforced through the five principles: No nepotism. No cronyism. No discrimination. Equal opportunities. Rewarding merit. Anyone who has a problem with any […]

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The Real Free-Market Capitalism: Part II

It is generally accepted that the have-nots will sooner or later stand up against the rich, since they have no choice. Unlike the rich, they have nothing to lose. However, this logic doesn’t apply when there is something called a “safety net”. It is this safety net that stops the poor from getting back what […]

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The Best Is Yet to Come: Part II

“What professions do all these senators and congressmen have? Law, law, law, law, business, law, law, law … Where are the scientists? Where are the engineers? Where’s the rest of … life?” — Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson Constitutionality is of utmost importance for rule of law, and the value system infused in any given constitution […]

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The Great Gatsby Curve and the Decline of the American Dream

The Great Gatsby is a great American novel and a literary classic, capturing the essence of an era. Written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, the plot takes place over a few months during the summer of 1922 in the Long Island district of New York. Fitzgerald portrays an era of decay, both in moral […]

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