For Each Other, Not Against Small for InsetAs soon as people realize that Robotma and Crumney both have been mere figureheads of the real problem, we might actually start fighting for each other instead of against one another. Oil is bad. War is bad. Loopholes for the rich are bad. Lazy idiots are bad. Corporations have the power: it is in the money that they have, and the rest of us don’t. A person who has a million dollars is still just a peon to the people to whom I am referring. Meritocratic Democracy prevents this gross disparity via the Millionaire’s Death Tax (or Estate Tax).

Get over your red and blue and white teams, and start fighting for the Blue Planet that you and I call home. We are all humans; we should all be treated—and also treat others—with respect, even the “other team”. Look up sometime. That should make you realize that you are as significant to the universe as a flea is to the sun. We are here together, regardless of how, and we are not going anywhere soon.

Look around, people: money dictates everything—not logic, not necessity, not even a person’s own morals: money dictates. War, money. Oil, money. Healthcare, money. Countries, money. Food, water and shelter, money. Does money cure you of cancer? Does money feed you? Does money shelter you? Money is just a wall in which some keep the rest caged. Science cures you. Agriculture feeds you. The Earth provides shelter for you. Money is not a necessity; it is just a point system that has been corrupted to the point of no repair. There is a better way. I may not have the answers, but I’m willing to look past the outdated governmental, monetary and social systems that have done nothing but overpopulate, waste, and pollute the only place you and I will ever call home, not to mention engender the blind hate and countless wars that have taken loved ones away from us all.

Save your shoddy blame game for grade school. Instead of electing someone who is willing to separate himself from half of the nation, next time try electing someone who has earned a Nobel Peace Prize for something that has actually benefited the human race. Try electing someone with an IQ of 130+, not a bank account of $200,000,000+. A moron can work and make money, but a moron will not design an infrastructure that produces its own power, a car that runs on electricity, or a truck that works harder on a cleaner and more efficient fuel; or produce food for everyone, and not just the privileged. Meritocratic Democracy employs Qualified Universal Suffrage to ensure the election of officials whose contributions will benefit us all.

We have the science that shows that one volcano, say, Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii, can alone produce enough energy to power all of the Americas combined (north, central, and south). The oil industry doesn’t want that—but you should. When all children are enjoying the custom experience in Optimised Education that Meritocratic Democracy provides, the best ideas will easily proliferate, and reveal as absurd the entrenched, obscene institutions that rampantly destroy our heritage and future.

No more drilling. No more wars over pollution. No more high school dropouts just trying to earn a living, and getting wrapped up in an oil rig. No more OPEC. No more power outages. No more wars for oil. No more color-coded air alerts in the city. No more nuclear meltdowns, or waste, or mutations. Encourage knowledge, not hate. Push peace, and not war. Vote progress, not repeat. Peace, folks. The soapbox just collapsed.

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