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Hidden Dangers, Part I

Dare to trigger.

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Europe Reels from Greek Crisis Deal

Does Greece’s plight ignite your demand for Equal Opportunity for Every Child?

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Nazar Aljassar on Inheritance

“Property rights should extend only to one’s lifetime.”

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Mammon Unveiled

Super rich global capitalists live above the law. And then there’s the rest of us.

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The Story of Capitalist Freedom: A Trashy Novel

Can the millennial generation do better than the moon landing, better than the Internet, better than car culture, better than global warming? Our generation should end global poverty by creating meritocracies.

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Post-Humanity: Transhumanism, Libertarianism, and the End of History—Part II

In the United Kingdom, the use of preimplantation genetic diagnosis to select a child’s sex is illegal. Every year, tens of British parents—including prominent politicians—travel abroad to the United States and elsewhere to circumvent the legal restrictions against PGD in their home country. The lesson: legal prohibitions […]

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The Waltons Are the Greediest Family in the World | Gawker

While some financial oligarchs steal money with their right hand, then give to charity with their left hand, The Walton family doesn’t bother to hide their greed using charity. Only the Millionaire Estate Tax can guarantee equal opportunity for every child. Billionaire families will never do it. Four members of the Walton family, heirs to […]

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Mass Incarceration Is Modern-Day Slavery

The bottom tier of the American population is made up of slaves. Not metaphorical slaves, in the sense that we’re all slaves to some corporate master or another; the lowest economic class of the population are literal slaves, as in they wear heavy chains around their ankles, they sleep in cages, and during the day […]

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Translated FAQs

Meritocracy FAQs

Thanks to the work of many volunteer translators, we now have: The Meritocracy FAQ in Spanish, German, Serbian and Turkish. The Inheritance Tax FAQ in Spanish, Portuguese, German, Serbian and Turkish. Thank you to: Dante Fenix (ES), Gereon (DE), Break Rules (SR), Mario Silvestre (PT) and Devrim Yozgat (TR) for their respective translations. Are you […]

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Nelson Mandela and the Fight for Equal Opportunities

Nelson Mandela

Last week the death of Nelson Mandela made headline news across the world. For those of you who have been living in a cave for the past century, Madiba — as he was affectionately known by his followers ― brought about the negotiations that ended apartheid in South Africa, became South Africa’s first democratically elected […]

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