Isn’t government corrupt, inept, and inefficient, and would it not therefore fail to put my hard-earned assets to good use?

One must remember that the Millionaire Death Tax and 100% Inheritance Tax are not stand-alone facets of Meritocracy, but together form one of its pillars. For a Meritocracy to function properly, the voting system will also need to be changed, where only experts and individuals with proven knowledge (by degree or state issued tests) will be allowed to vote within a specific field. If an elected official from any field fails to deliver, the public may issue a legal objection and have such an official removed immediately. The public objection can then be reviewed by a court of law and a panel of experts within the field, whence a full public disclosure pertaining to the actions and reasons for the actions of the official under investigation can follow. Because there will be no political parties or agendas, government officials can be individually removed without tearing down the entire structure. Such a dismissal could be treated as a fair court case and will follow a certain protocol. If the official is guilty of corruption or fraud, s/he will face conviction. If the official turns out to be inept or negligent, s/he will be relieved of duty and will need to find a new job. Many governments have very efficient systems in place, such as Switzerland and Singapore. Meritocracy will synthesise various effective procedures from around the world to provide the most efficient, transparent and responsible government humanly possible.

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