TMO The Millionaire's Estate Tax So, What Gives? inset 2So, what gives? What is the function of the Millionaire’s Estate Tax? It is a declaration of independence from the dead who have dictated the fate of the living. It is the economic guillotine designed to sever the global dynastic powers of extreme wealth and privilege, which deny countless others the opportunities to which they’re entitled. The Millionaire’s Estate Tax is the triumph of reason over greed, the recognition that a handful of families have no right to wield so much power in the world, and it’s the systematic dismantling of those powers in favour of the commonwealth of the republic. It is an end to the bushes, kerrys, murdochs, emanuels, kennedys, mccains, powells, pritzers, jordans, barzuns, du ponts, vanderbilts, rockefellers, rothschilds, mellons, fanjuls, hearsts, flaglers, sulzbergers, gettys, de menils, and cargills who’ve hijacked the political system in their favour. It is the mechanism by which we ensure that the mistakes of the past are not inflicted upon our children. It is the guaranty of their freedom, and of their opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Is liberty the right to be born into bondage? Is justice meant to serve the privileged few whilst ignoring the rest of us? Just one law is needed to tip the balance of power away from the elite, and restore it to the people — a law which facilitates the dialectical progression of humanity, and that brings freedom to every child born into it. The Millionaire’s Estate Tax is quite simply the end of economic slavery, the end of plutocracy, the end of the caste system, and the end of history altogether. No one will be able to rig the game in the interests of their family ever again; no one will be robbed of their inherent right to equal opportunity.

With this law we take the first step towards forming a genuine Meritocracy. The Millionaire’s Estate Tax is the ”sine qua non” of the Merito-democratic Republic. Your choice is simple: keep living as we are in an illusion of democracy under the rule of an impregnable citadel of elite families, or implement the Millionaire’s Estate Tax and create a fair Meritocratic system of equal opportunities for every child. What is it to be?

In a Meritocracy, when people pass away, their assets will be given to the Commonwealth, which is there for one purpose only: the betterment of each individual according to his/her merit. The Commonwealth is the fruit of the Republic, and must be used to nourish the minds of the youth, to give them every educational means they desire, to invest in the brilliance of the next generation; for they will be the leaders and pioneers of the future. The aim of Meritocracy is the refinement of humanity through the application of a positive form of liberty, which is the People Principle, whereby the state takes an interest in the lives of its citizens to ensure they have the means to mature into the best they possibly can be.

We are a people, united in a social bond which transcends our genetic ties. Our attitude is that if one child fails, we all fail. Meritocracy means no child is left behind, as they deserve all the state can offer to them. The “no child left behind act” of the United States certainly is not associated with Meritocracy at all. Meritocracy has the true claim to no child being left behind. How dare the “department of education” call the very talons of the soul-killing “education” beast by such a virtuous name? After all, forced, identical, standardised testing of all students (get that? ”identical” testing for ”all” students in the country, who are — hello! — not identical!) is an evil manoeuvre to further homogenise and hegemonise students, not enrich them. To achieve a no-child-left-behind world, standardised testing, identical and forced upon every student, can just go the way of king louis, and give place to Catered and Comprehensive Education, e.g., Optimised Education — brought to you courtesy of the Millionaire’s Estate Tax of the Merito-democratic Republic. [1] The Commonwealth is the means by which we enable the next generation of geniuses to flourish. Their minds will propel us forward to heretofore unimagined heights and boundless wonders. We have barely scratched the surface of our potential.

When are we going to stop kidding ourselves that we’re somehow inferior because we weren’t born with the right family? When will we wake up to the dynastic ponzy scheme that has duped generations into servitude? When will we take the control of our future out of the hands of the privileged elite? The Millionaire’s Estate Tax is simply power to the people. It will deliver us from injustice and put an end to tyranny once and for all. Well, what are you waiting for?

by Thomas Payne


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  1. Argentum May 29, 2013 at 5:27 am #

    Everyone should start on the same footing and not have their fate dictated by how good their parents were at making money, money, contacts, money.

  2. Julien Hdez July 15, 2013 at 3:06 pm #

    Reason over Greed! Yes.

  3. Onu Laz August 23, 2013 at 1:17 am #

    A 100m race which has already been rigged, whereby, some start 33m ahead of the starting line and others 16m behind the starting line is NO race at all!

  4. st0rmdr490n August 23, 2013 at 3:14 pm #

    I think than an argument could be constructed that education could be privatized instead of state-run and citizens could be given an “education allowance” that they may use at the school of their choice, creating competition and thus incentive to provide the highest quality education possible for the money.

    But I’m not going to even bother to fully construct that argument right now because this singular concept is the only thing that really matters right now. If we can sway the population into accepting this truth and make inheritance of excessive privilege illegal, it creates infinite possibilities for experimenting with improved education systems, (and improved everything else).

    • Jelyrsu Bundonu August 26, 2013 at 7:43 am #

      Yes, st0rmdr490n, Inheritance Tax is that elegant single-stroke from where we can offer equal opportunity for all, and refine education for every single child, employing experimentation for the quest. Nonetheless, Meritocracy itself renders privatization of education pointless, since, with Inheritance Tax, Qualified Universal Suffrage, Custom Education, and Social Capitalism, healthy competition is built-in — and regulated. There are enterprises whose place is in the private domain, but the education of every citizen is absolutely a concern of the state, or else Equal Opportunity is nothing more than an empty slogan.

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