TMO The Immortal Army insetIn the famous Japanese comic “Naruto”, an immortal army, that can automatically rehabilitate itself in perpetuity after being wounded or killed, is summoned up against humanity. Since the dawn of man’s apprehension of the inevitability of death, people have been obsessed with immortality, roaming everywhere in search of immortalising agents. In ancient Chinese history, it is recorded that many kings spent enormous amounts of time exploring for the so-called “immortal pill”, spending almost all of the nation’s resources on the quest. The most notorious story must be the case of Emperor Qin Shihuangdi (259 BC – 210 BC). He burned all of the books that accused him, and buried his critics alive, allegedly sending a ship containing 3,000 men and women in pursuit of the “immortal pill”, promising that failure was not an option. Faced with an impossible mission, the exploration team decided never to return to their home, and settled in a fertile land. Purportedly, that land is now called Japan (unproved, but claimed by many historians).

Today, scientists are striving to decipher the code of gene determinants on our height, shape, face, health, and color of hair and skin, in order that the “bad genes”, a cause of disease, can be excluded before birth, while the “good genes” can be maximised, producing the so-called “Perfect Human”. (Of course this technology, if invented successfully, will be reserved only for the super rich, not for you and me!) It’s clear that the impulse to attain immortality has never subsided for a second. However, could it be that a different form of immortality has already been achieved, and that it is even now affecting our daily lives?

Not far off from “Naruto” we have witnessed a physically mortal—but financially immortal—army, and it’s real. Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who formed a European financial dynasty as early as the 18th Century, remains exceptionally influential through his accumulated wealth, notwithstanding being a dead man 200 years ago. In a sense, he is still ”alive”. He has never died! He is just like a vampire, with his immortal peers, waging a war on humanity every single day. Naruto, the lead character, realises that it is impossible to defeat an army incapable of death in general. The only way possible to defeat an immortal army is by destroying the source of immortality—the wizard pulling the strings behind the curtain. Unfortunately, even if someone killed the wizard, there would still be nothing for it. Success requires a de-ritualisation, performed by the same wizard who ritualises in order to summon up the immortal army. In other words, it is no use killing that wizard, since without him no one could perform the de-ritualisation. You in fact need a man dexterous in mind-control to will the wizard to do the work.

In our world, where is the “source of immortality”? Would we even think of “mortalising” those super rich by killing all of them physically, as with the satanic wizard and the immortal army? The most fundamental illness in our world is the system of inheritance. The super rich are merely the unavoidable embodiment of this wicked system. Inheritance, the “immortal pill” by way of finance, says that man can be justly punished for circumstances beyond his control. It favors privilege, not merit, as the only gauge of one’s success. It grants that the deserving be subject to the undeserving. It turns white into black, and black into white. When you endorse a system in which inheritance is permitted, you are literally endorsing evil.

In the United Kingdom, why is there a prince, who can enjoy the finest fortune without doing anything productive? How can William and Kate account for their extravagant royal wedding? Massive resources were devoted to please this pair of morons, while the bulk of British citizenry were worrying about their next meal. What our world desperately needs is de-ritualisaton. What is de-ritualisaton in terms of our modern world? It is none other than de-inheritance, a ritual embodied by the Millionaire’s Death Tax. Who is able to perform it? Do we need a wizard? We don’t need no stinking wizard; we can do it ourselves. Not unlike in the comic, we are the ones performing the ritual of inheritance, and now, only by us can this demonic practice be reversed—and inheritance de-ritualised.

People, whether poor or rich, instantly become turned off when hearing of the 100% Inheritance Tax. Do you imagine that the rich are in favor of this remedy? You must be kidding. Their wealth will be wiped out under this law, so let’s forget about them. What about the poor? Ironically, those have-nots constitute the major force of opposition. Go figure! After all, they more than anyone want to pass on an insidious form of advantage to their heirs when in fact they can bequeath nothing (unlike the obscenely wealthy). Why would they reject reason for so long? Why would they willingly participate in a game that they can never win? They’ve fallen for the illusion.

For far too long, people have been enthralled by the theory of “becoming rich through diligence”. It is this toxic theory that torments our world. Yes, there was a time when people could earn wealth via hard work. In the 19th Century, industrialisation dynamised the West. Productivity increased, new products emerged, and new technologies were invented. After the discovery of oil this process accelerated much more significantly. Productivity can shake off the material restrictions imposed by agrianism once and for all, due to the arrival of petrochemistry. It gave birth to semiconductors, chips, and plastics. Everything modern, including food, clothing, furniture, vehicles, utensils, and medicine arose, more or less, from petrochemistry. Highly invigorated by capitalism, a system originally designed to reward the diligent, industrialisation brought with it a new type of society which humanity had never dreamed of. This was the time that the theory of “becoming rich through diligence” more or less applied. After that, capitalism, due to its inherent and perpetual pursuit of profit by means of constant consumption or exploitation of labor, declined into stagnation where money chasers emerged everywhere. All of society was rendered speculative, anti-productive, lazy, obsessed with fast money, and ruthlessly profit-seeking. The middle class (the predecessors of modern capitalists), who had garnered handsome rewards via their own diligence during industrialisation, became terrified that their position would be superseded by someone more diligent, just as they had supplanted the aristocrats before them. Consequently, they did their best to suppress any potential rivals.

Look at America, Britain, and Hong Kong (allegedly the third “free” economy in the world): land, oil, electricity, transportation, food, banks, and all means of production are at the disposal of the outrageously affluent. Can most people hope to “become rich through diligence”? What a joke! Just take a look in your purse, and at your time card, and compare them with those of the capitalist fat cats, and you will have your answer. When you are forced to show up at an office no later than 8:59:59 a.m., where are those parasites? They’re just on their way home from a raging party! When you are arduously seeking the signature of bothersome clients, employing your absurdly magnified hospitality, they are busy preparing the costume for their next show. On disappointedly checking your bank statement each month’s payday, they’re having good time with their sexy secretary. You are a slave. You are an inferior race in their eyes. You are of no significance whatsoever. During the countdown activity on New Year’s Eve, they enjoy the finest wine imaginable, surveying the fireworks in their seascape private club, and you are the obedient and mindless audience, motivated by nothing but whim, gathering in flocks to provide the hot atmosphere and clapping sounds for free under their feet, chowing on your McDonald’s junk food. (And you’re the one who pays for the junk food and transportation!) Let’s face it: you are expendable—born to work for them, amuse them, titillate them, entertain them, and above all, slave away to please their sadistic propensities.

Whenever those super rich are accused of holding excessive wealth, their counterargument is that the wealth they possess is the consequence of their diligence. Indeed, some of them did gain their fortune by some degree of hard work. Nevertheless, why is their diligence, whether real or not, allowed to eclipse that of others, equally conscientious or even more so? The super rich who have shown merit are not the only ones who have done so. Why is it that a certain group’s diligence, which appeared decades and even centuries before, becomes so overly magnified that everyone needs to starve in order to witness their perpetual rewards? Diligence is of course good, but when the compensation is applied to the next generation, without adjustment, the effects will be utterly disastrous. And this is what the Millionaire’s Death Tax is all about: adjustment.

Our world needs adjustment more than anything else. Only by such a resetting can the world progress. The original generators of wealth enjoyed their reward well enough. The so-called diligence, which they performed centuries ago, is neither here nor there. It’s high time we buried it along with their corpses. Let’s get those vampires out of our living world. Let’s de-ritualise the world. Let’s mortalise the immortal army.

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