TMO Inheritance Tax A Love Story insetWhat or whom do you love the most? Your family? Your girlfriend? Yourself? Well, what’s love got to do with it? If it does matter, how much do you love those people? And what would you do to preserve those whom you love so eloquently? Instead of saying that you love them all the time, isn’t it better to show them your love? I mean come on, after all the arguments, miscommunications, and hard times, what could possibly show the people you care about the most just how much you love them? Think hard. Think deeply. Now stop. You may have thought of some ingenious scheme of love showing what you believe will really impress your love “object”.

But let’s be honest: it probably isn’t all that good. In reality, we are not as loving as we should be. Life isn’t a fairy tale. Happy endings almost never happen. We live in a messy situation with ourselves and others, pretending we don’t care, looking out for ourselves, forgetting to consider the next person. Where did we go wrong? We may lie to ourselves, and we may try to act tough, but we know deep down that we need each other. Like always, there is hope, but where and how? We always seem to distract ourselves with these questions.

The answer couldn’t be simpler. It starts from the top. Our leaders are extremely selfish and care only about themselves. They have left us to feed their greed and have forced us to direct our attention to each others’ throats. They toss breadcrumbs from their high towers, while we fight impatiently and drastically to receive them. We sell ourselves just to make them richer, all so that we may live a life of hardship and pain. Aren’t we worth more than that? Can’t you find one reason to want something better? We sacrifice, we give everything, we practically give our soul to our leaders, and for what? What have they given us? Where is the return on our investment?

Nowadays, no one can say that our leaders are looking out for us. They look away. But then they run to us like we are candy when it’s election time, or when they want something. Yet when we ask for anything they run like Lebron James—away from us. We are like the women who are attracted to jerks. We have fallen for their charm, their smile, their charisma, and confidence, when in reality all those things were lies that we were too foolish to see through. No more. No more!

It’s time we take back what’s ours. But, how do we do that? What can we do? That awful question is the elephant in the room and a solution stopper. We see ourselves as regular Joes who can’t make a real difference in the world. Says who? Our leaders. We have been led by ridiculous movies and multimedia to believe that we have to be like Tom Cruise to save the world, or like Will Smith to fight back. But these are actors, fake heroes. They get paid to lie to us. We are the real heroes. We work the 9-5s. We do the double shifts. We do all the dirty work that our leaders refuse to do. But again, hope persists. And this time, we have a weapon. The worst of weapons. Something that our leaders fear more than anything. Something that in a stroke will end all that holds us back: The Millionaire’s Estate Tax.

Now if you are wondering, “What about my kids? What about my property?” or if you are concerned about leaving nothing for your kids when you die, first, the tax is designed to give back to the entire community, meaning your kids, as well as every other kid, are accounted for. Imagine a world where our basic needs are already met: food, shelter, entertainment, learning, etc. Property is awarded to those in need of it, and everyone gets an equal start in life. We can create a world based on people, not money. We can make a world where we can truly enjoy our hard work and its fruits.

The Millionaire’s Estate Tax can and will be improved, but the most important thing is that we give it the serious consideration it deserves. It’s time we let our guards down and help each other. As it stands now, we are extremely selfish, and it is hurting everyone, including ourselves. It’s time we learn to live properly with each other, to harmonize, and to care for one another—to love each other. It’s time we write a better life story. It’s fitting that we end our lives by giving back, after a life of receiving and knowing that we were looked out for by others. Through providing for and teaching future generations that we care about them even before they exist, we show that even in death, love persists.

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