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Perspiring Economy

We all know what happens when you consume more calories than you burn: you gain weight. Also well known is the outcome of allowing your weight gain to become habitual: a decline in health. What happens when your health continuously declines? Death. That’s it, folks. End of story. In health we see that a few simple steps can lead to our downfall. Now, what of our economy? What happens if we allow an excess of cash to flow into the hands of a small, elite group of individuals? They become fat cats, fed vigorously on the cash earned by the hard work of others, and drain our nation of lifeblood. What happens when we allow them to continue to amass such wealth? Everyone else suffers, and the economy dwindles. What happens if we allow the economy to continue to be run by selfish individuals who wring the neck of our nation relentlessly? You guessed it: the economy’s death.

Death from Above

In 2008 we saw unelected officials in our banking system fail miserably at their jobs and lead us straight into the credit crunch. Of course we, the taxpayers, ended up footing the bill. Exactly how does that even work? Let’s say you sat around all day long, doing absolutely nothing but eating and watching TV. Now let’s say you never worked out, and had a fast-food diet every day. Can you imagine eating a McDonald’s breakfast, then a Burger King lunch, with a few Dunkin’ Donuts snack breaks, and a Wendy’s dinner? Can you imagine cramming grease-filled burgers, salty fries, and sugary drinks all day, with an oily and sugary dessert to top it off, but then transferring that fat and oil into another person’s body? Then the results of the other person’s steady diet, concentrated work-outs, and intelligent body planning is transferred to you. That is what happened to the American people in 2008. We fell for the ultimate slap in the face.

Working Out The Kinks

Instead of bailing them out, we should have demanded they bail us out. In fact, we shouldn’t even have been in that position in the first place. We are not in control of the banking system, and thus we are not in control of our nation’s money. Since money is our lifeblood, we are not in charge of the nation! With that sad fact, we should have realized we are not in a democracy, but in a plutocracy dictated by the will of the super rich— a group of individuals who exert their power and influence over the entire nation, doing their best to continue to take power from the people and keep it in their unmeritocratic hands.

In a Meritocracy we will not be subjected to such lunacy. Banks will not be allowed to get so big that they can fail so disastrously and on such a large scale. In the case of 2008, the big banks should have been split up drastically and placed in small cells, divested from the power they once wielded. That way, if one of the small banks had tried the same tactics used by the bankers of ’08, they wouldn’t have brought down the entire economy. With smaller banks under the control of elected officials—elected by other Meritocrats, based on merit—and in the hands of the people, we could actually start using banks to fund the people’s interest, and not maximize the profits of merely a few.

The Ab Society

Our banks should be operating in the service of the people, just as should our education, our religions, and our politics. If not for the people, these institutions wouldn’t exist in the first place. We have been fooled into thinking we need our current leaders. In reality they need us. They are the spin-masters creating the story needed to fool people into doing what they want us to do. Of course as Meritocrats, we see right through them, which should lead us to seek to become the Ab Society. Through hard work—our own efforts; careful planning by our leaders—let’s call them our trainers; and funds directed toward the improvement of our hard work and careful planning—consumption of quality foods; we can all achieve our greatest dreams: abs! So what do you say? Let’s achieve the fittest society possible and show off our abs to the rest of the world, so that they may follow suit.

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