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Meritocracy Tablet: Never Set in Stone

Carrying on tradition? For what purpose and to what end? Is it that we as humans are so unsure of ourselves, so afraid of progress and open-mindedness that we would rather hold dear the ways of decaying ideas and systems that have long been washed away with the ocean of change and improvement? Are we […]

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1776 – 2012 Part I: Revolutions and Economics

1776: Boom! The American Revolution. The United States of America was established with the Declaration of Independence. At that time, America was no longer a part of the British Empire. This was the first time in history that humanity got a glimpse of a new type of society in which human nature could be born […]

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Volunteer for Meritocracy!

Volunteer Power

The Meritocracy International, the organisation behind The Meritocracy Party, is now officially open for recruitment, and we have added the corresponding info to our Volunteer page. We’re looking for smart, talented, and ambitious individuals who are keen on bettering the livelihoods of everyone in the world by advancing Meritocratic Democracy. In particular, we’re seeking those […]

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Wall Street: Robin Hood a No-Show—Part II

In Part I, we explored the failure of a petition set by a concerned anonymous citizen, to be saluted for his endeavor, regardless of its failure. Noting that roughly 11,000 American citizens signed the petition, there appears to be at least a growing concern, and conscientiousness for the future of the country. However feeble the […]

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Implementation of Meritocracy: After the Why, What About the How?

An introduction to the idea of Meritocracy and its validity often raises the question, “How will the ‘best’ rise to the top?” Answers lead to more questions: “How will we implement this version of Meritocracy in a reasonable way? What are the steps needed to bring this plan to fruition?” From the answers to these […]

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Meritocratic Democracy vs. Plain Old Democracy

Red States vs. Blue States. Pepsi vs. Coke. Lebron vs. Kobe. It’s all the same: debates that distract, and turn trivial things into spectacles that somehow warrant global attention. The media does a great job of comparing unimportant things and spinning them to hype up the public for no good reason — all in the […]

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Wall Street: Robin Hood a No-Show — Part I

“We Petition the Obama Administration to Demand a Wall Street Sales Tax: Dear President Obama, The fiscal problems of the United States are largely due to the fact that Wall Street pays no taxes. While working families pay on average 7% in sales tax for the necessities of life, Wall Street speculators pay no tax […]

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Meritocracy: A Closer Look: Part II

Economic warfare The first thing you should know is that economic war kills more than does conventional warfare. It is estimated that each year about 17 to 20 million people die of starvation, mostly children. Have you ever wondered why African and Latin American countries with large mineral resources, from diamonds and other gems, to […]

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Meritocracy: A Closer Look: Part I

Explanation of the current state of the world “The world is controlled by a global elite of approximately 6,000 persons. 94% are male, and their average age is 60 years old. 2% of the world population controls about 50% of global wealth.” “1,100 billionaires have twice the wealth of 2.5 billion people. The 50 largest […]

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The Best Is Yet to Come: Part IV

Education is arguably the number one priority of the Meritocratic State. Without Customized Education, all other tenets of Meritocracy would shift uneasily on a foundation of sand. Only a highly advanced education system, universal for all children, coupled with the development of a “culture of education”, will provide the heartbeat and lifeblood of Meritocratic quality […]

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