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We’re back online! What happened? The site went down for several weeks due to a technical error and human unavailability – we’re all volunteers and can often find ourselves short of time due to life’s pressures, but it’s all sorted now thanks to our IT guy! Thank you for your patience and please let us […]

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The Biggest Idea of All

You live in a world where all that matters is how much you can pay for how little you receive.

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Ikegai: Part I

Everyone, according to the Japanese, has an ikegai. Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search of self.

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Meritocrats of the Caribbean

So what is the connection between a movie about a swashbuckling crew of thieves and a rational political system? Simple: Jack Sparrow.

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There is no meritocracy: It’s just the 1 percent, and the game is rigged | Salon

Our politicians love to call the system a “meritocracy”, while ignoring reality. Obama promised change: out with the old and in with the new. Why then are so many members of his cabinet part of the same clique that have run Washington for decades? A true Meritocracy would give everyone the same chance to reach […]

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Celebrate Black History Month? You’re Damn Right I Don’t!

You’re damn right I don’t celebrate Black History Month. I don’t celebrate any holidays or time-of-the-month “menstruating” happy days. It’s all nonsense. Unless the celebration is accomplished by the living of one’s own life—unless every day we live the principles of great men and women, where we look to the present and future as the […]

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Bosnia presents a terrifying picture of Europe’s future – and a way out | The Guardian

Many protest movements are criticized for having few positive ideas. Concerned people assemble to demand change, but apologists for the status quo ask, “How do I know your ideas won’t make the bad government even worse?” The strongest position that protesters can hold is that of supporting Meritocracy. Meritocracy has actionable ideas that will improve […]

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The Waltons Are the Greediest Family in the World | Gawker

While some financial oligarchs steal money with their right hand, then give to charity with their left hand, The Walton family doesn’t bother to hide their greed using charity. Only the Millionaire Estate Tax can guarantee equal opportunity for every child. Billionaire families will never do it. Four members of the Walton family, heirs to […]

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Donations is run by the Meritocracy International, an organisation dedicated to creating a world with equal opportunity for every child to thrive and live the fullest life possible. We currently need $300 to pay for our server costs from April 30th 2014 to April 30th 2015, which will cover the maintenance of our volunteer-supported website […]

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Nelson Mandela and the Fight for Equal Opportunities

Nelson Mandela

Last week the death of Nelson Mandela made headline news across the world. For those of you who have been living in a cave for the past century, Madiba — as he was affectionately known by his followers ― brought about the negotiations that ended apartheid in South Africa, became South Africa’s first democratically elected […]

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