TMO Meritocratic Democracy vs. Plain Old Democracy insetRed States vs. Blue States. Pepsi vs. Coke. Lebron vs. Kobe. It’s all the same: debates that distract, and turn trivial things into spectacles that somehow warrant global attention. The media does a great job of comparing unimportant things and spinning them to hype up the public for no good reason — all in the name of distraction and profit. The Presidential election process is no different. So in the next election, why not decide policies instead of people? Why don’t we choose between Meritocratic Democracy, society run on the five rules of Meritocracy (No Discrimination, No Nepotism, No Cronyism, Equal Opportunities, Rewarding Merit) and a society that continues to be run by a government that is funded by the rich, with candidates chosen by the rich, in order to control and exploit the people, for the sake of enriching the already grossly rich?

The biggest spectacle in American society is the Super Bowl, covered throughout the nation. You’ll find exclusive interviews, analysts, blimps, concessions, bets, commercials, food, alcohol, etc., but no one ever stops to think, “Why is this so important to me?” Our economy is failing, our education system is churning out average to below-average intellects, the underclass is growing, and weekly we hear the stories of bombers and shooters and murderers — why are we worried about a bunch of men smashing into one another? It’s all a glorification of the id, in Freudian terms, and it’s easy to take “candy” from a baby. This is nothing but another way to transfer money from the people and into the hands of the rich. By exploiting people’s unconscious desires and shadow contents, the media render people ready to part with their money in order to fulfill those desires.

Our political process is the same show. It becomes a battle of nonsense and dream selling. In the end the only people who win are the originators of the spectacle. Every one else loses, but it’s always in the best interest of the creators to have one side win, so that the public can feel like they are a part of the game. Of course, just like in football, the owners are the real winners. The players celebrate and get a trophy. They get paid to generate profits for the owners. The owners own them. They can trade or cut the players at any chance. In the same way, the owners of America own the people. They can hire or fire employees at any chance, as well. The political process is the same. The real owners pay for both sides of the political spectrum. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama were the same man in all but name. Both wore suits and went around campaigning with the same rhetoric of how they were the best man for the job, and how the other wasn’t as good a candidate. The processes for both were the same, from the advertisements ripping into one another, to accepting money from the same people and organizations to fund their campaign. The only difference is that the public decides which character is more likable. They’re distinguished by red or blue. By elephant or donkey. By insane or crazy. It’s all a comic book story, anyway. That’s what it all comes down to in the political process nowadays. Which side appeals more to mythos and ethos? Logos is in short supply.

Curiously, among opponents of Meritocracy there is no debate against it in general terms. Leadership by those who display the most merit, or work the hardest, is a simple concept for anyone to grasp. Imagine a team of basketball players. All of them train and prepare for the game, but in the case of the previously mentioned players, LeBron James is the best, and Kobe Bryant is the hardest working. On any team where these two stars play, they will lead. No organization would allow a bench player to run the team’s offense. It’s a waste of talent — pure stupidity. These star players give their team the best chance to win. That said, the role players are still necessary to win on a consistent basis. They provide relief to the star players and sometimes shine even brighter than the otherwise best of them. In a Meritocracy the best players will be those who demonstrate that they are the best suited for propelling everyone in their field. They won’t be paid extreme amounts of money. We can use the media to stroke the ego of the best, and we can inspire others to reach the same heights, but no one should be paid so much money that they can then buddy with other rich people and start rigging the system in their favor.

The leaders of our society consist of politicians, bankers, lobbyists, super-wealthy celebrities, CEOs, etc. No one on the American “team” could believe that these people are working in the interests of the people. They are out for themselves: money-seeking, power-hungry, selfish individuals who conduct their business by the phrase, “There’s a sucker born every minute”. In a Meritocratic Democracy the leaders will be those who have simply worked the hardest and given the most to society, to their community. Since those persons were nurtured and cultivated by the Republic and the People, their duty will be to continue to shine their light, allowing future leaders to grow, creating a feedback loop of unity, a chain of excellence and merit, the chain of a Meritocratic Humanity.

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