TMO Meritocracy Tablet Never Set in Stone insetCarrying on tradition? For what purpose and to what end? Is it that we as humans are so unsure of ourselves, so afraid of progress and open-mindedness that we would rather hold dear the ways of decaying ideas and systems that have long been washed away with the ocean of change and improvement? Are we so sedated by the comfortable life achievements of money, cars, a decent home, and a picket fence? Is that the true expression of human excellence? Could we not create pyramids like the ancient Egyptians? Could we not be well versed in mathematics and art? What about a new Library of Alexandria, free from religious persecution, a flourishing testament to human ideals and knowledge? Why should we be impressed by super rich tastes in shiny objects with no real substance?

What does democracy offer? Where are its advocates of constant human progression and refinement? How can democracy lead us to greater heights? It is said that the true meaning of insanity is to keep doing the same thing, expecting different results. Is that not what we do now? The rhetoric of change is incoherent. We still bow to brands. To marketing schemes. To charismatic presidents. To threatening military “services”, which any person who thinks hard enough can see as truly protecting the interests of the global elite. We still bow to sports figures. To celebrities. To what a telecast reports. The news switches between tragedies and celebrity culture as if to make us fearful, and focused on nonsense, easier to manipulate with their silly commercial ads promoting a crap product; we are looking for an escape from depressing news, and are fixated on those with shiny objects. We still hate intellectuals and artists. We still glorify the dollar. We are at war with ideals, with systems of thought and differing views on how we should be governed. Deep down, though, we are in conflict with a new way of doing things. A better way. One which will require hard work and ingenuity to establish, and wherein the same qualities will be expressed to keep that change going.

In stasis we can envision a moth-like creature, suspended in a jelly-like substance that maintains it in its original style upon death. Is that not how our system currently works? In America, out with the old and in with the new happens only due to a capitalist agenda to produce new items for the public to consume and sell. That’s as close as we get to change. We long to place our foot in the sand in a calming, star-filled desert, claiming that our way of doing things is good, and safe. Our parents did it that way, and we should do it for that reason. The only problem is that we are not our parents. The sand that we step in is subject to change. The winds of a desert will make sure of that. If we don’t change now, and look to firmer foundations and clearer intentions, we will fall victim to the starkest aspect of evolution: extinction.

In our society, clinging to the old ways of doing things is the laziest, most trivial method, the “path of least resistance”. In religion, thousand-year-old texts written in deserts and wastelands dictate to modern civilization that is filled with metal buildings, portable music libraries, and machines that can level the landscape. We follow a constitution that was written by intelligent men, but focused on their times. We need a new constitution, tailor-made for current citizens. This constitution will be subject to constant change that reflects the needs and progression of its citizens. In fact, written in detail will be the promotion and implementation of new, and better changes. In every institution, career type, endeavor, etc., the rhetoric of change must be applied. This will help us keep up with the evolution of human social behavior, as well as the professional fields that people choose, and their overall well-being.

In this era, change happens almost instantly. We are closer to one another. The internet allows us to speak with others a world away. We need a system that can help us change more reasonably, and for the betterment of everyone. Imagine a pipeline being flooded with dirt, and slowly expanding until it pops. At some point in time the pressure must be relieved, and the pipes cleaned. That’s a feature that Meritocracy will incorporate and improve on. Like a well-oiled machine. It will put in good and get good out. It’s like an athletic body eating fresh fruits, and protein. These ingredients help the athlete train, perform, and recover. So it will be with Meritocratic Democracy. The main rule of the Meritocracy Tablet is philosophically its only true rule, that nothing is set in stone. Everything is open to a better, more refined, more well thought out idea. Once people understand that simple concept, they will understand that Meritocratic Democracy is the ultimate system and always seeking to perfect itself.

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  1. John Pope July 15, 2013 at 3:46 am #

    Well said!

  2. Julien Hdez July 15, 2013 at 3:19 pm #

    Agreed. We need to become ‘up-to-date.’

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