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Explanation of the current state of the world

“The world is controlled by a global elite of approximately 6,000 persons. 94% are male, and their average age is 60 years old.

2% of the world population controls about 50% of global wealth.”

“1,100 billionaires have twice the wealth of 2.5 billion people.

The 50 largest financial institutions control 1/3 of the world’s wealth.

The 250 largest companies have revenues of about 1/3 of gains made worldwide.”[1]

What is the profile of such individuals?

This kind of individual doesn’t want to know who you are — they don’t care. The empowered elite only socialize with their family and friends of the same economic power; the rest are nothing more than landscape. To them you are nothing more than a flock of sheep that work for them at low price and buy the junk they sell, making them richer.

They operate under the motto, “There’s an idiot born every minute.”

These families marry their children to each other so that family wealth doesn’t escape their super-rich hands. They think we need them. They think of themselves as gods that deserve higher status. But actually they were just fortunate to have been born into a golden cradle.

From the statistics above, you can see they already control almost all the money and assets; they control everything worth controlling. Since money begets money, they will get even richer and will control even more in the future.

How they create crisis

The corporate elite control the markets and run them as cartels. Money is power; they can bribe the rulers of states to deregulate the markets. They do it consistently. Some rulers of countries are part of these powerful family dynasties. They are not politicians in the true sense, but rather exercise their power through money. Most politicians everywhere are just puppets for the most powerful. Do not forget that the bankers are not elected by the common will of citizens; however, the bankers are the bosses. They are the only ones who are truly in charge.

What evidence is there of this? Simply look at the crisis in the western world. Major investment banks hire high stakes players who are interested only in the immediate profits, risking other people’s and the states’ money as if the economy were a casino, instead of making sustained investments in the long term. What do you expect? When banks gamble and so few investments are for the long term, no one knows exactly where the markets are going.

What will happen? Obviously, this behaviour will generate cyclical economic crises in the stock markets. Everyone with a pair of neurons realizes that liberal capitalism is dead, except for masochists. The law of returning to the mean will ensure that.

Consequences of global control by a few families

Apart from controlling the markets, they also control large multinationals, thus millions of jobs. What happens when there is a crisis? Unemployment. What does unemployment bring? It engenders much baseness, such as domestic violence. Among the sufferers, the children will be traumatized for the rest of their lives, and the possibility of having a solid education upon which to build a future is reduced drastically. Many unemployed are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and gambling; it’s getting completely out of control. This will grow even more of a parallel economy and more drug dealers, loan sharks, and criminals of all sorts, making society a less safe place in which to live. As for prostitution, do not forget that one day it may be your sons and daughters who need to prostitute themselves to survive.

Debts incurred to banks for payment of houses, cars, and other purchases will go into default if people do not work. When they fail to pay, what happens? Banks foreclose on the home or impound what you so diligently fought to acquire. When parents die and their unemployed sons and daughters inherit mortgages from houses and cars or purchases to pay the bank, is this a great inheritance and proof of love that you leave to your children? In many cases, college students are forced to leave their studies because they can’t pay the mortgage or property taxes. They take a job and abandon their dream of an education. The worst outcomes will likely be among those students who borrowed money and cannot pay, becoming slaves to the banks, with scarce prospects of future work and dwindling resources to pay bills and to survive. The number of beggars will certainly increase. Mental illnesses are proliferating at a galloping pace; imagine the impact that depressed people with suicidal tendencies have on a family. Worse still are those who resort to committing suicide, emotionally devastating family and friends — leading to mental illness for many, as well.

Conventional wars

A handful of families control the states with their economic power. They pay politicians through lobbying and favor swapping. When politicians leave the state, they will work for large companies that belong directly or indirectly to these lobbyists. When money joins with political influence what we get is a “sacred” union. This shows how democratic capitalism is a farce. The candidates that people vote for are highly susceptible to acting as puppets on behalf of the most financially powerful.

Who voted for these individuals? Who voted in the bankers? Nobody. Yet they are the ones who really have the power. A capitalist democracy is not a democracy, but rather a plutocracy, an oligarchy, and a kleptocracy. How did we let this happen? The relentless ambition of bankers has caused numerous wars. They invade other countries and extract and appropriate the people’s resources, oil, and raw materials needed to build solar panels. They make claims on strategic passage for oil and gas pipelines, and stones of gemological value, not to mention, of course, in the case of Afghanistan, control of heroin production, since it is the world’s largest source. Yes, the richest people on earth also control the underworld: they simply control everything worth controlling.

We all know what happens in war: civilians and soldiers alike are killed. These civilians could be your friends and family, and the soldiers your children. Why must they die? Soldiers are sent to war, but they can always refuse to go off to kill and get killed: free will serves for something; but usually they submit to a sense of duty. They think they are fighting for their country and for their families. Listen carefully: the global elite do not care a whit for you, your family, or your country. What matters to them are their families and what they will win in the war. Don’t ever forget that in the war of the rich, only the poor die.

What the soldiers don’t realize is that what they are really doing in the wars is defending the interests of these pigs and their multimillionaire corporations. While soldiers and civilians are being killed and wounded, these players are in their penthouses, drinking champagne with stunning women under their arms, smoking a Cuban cigar while admiring an exquisite art collection.

What do soldiers earn? If they survive, they gain physical and mental wounds for the rest of their lives, a handshake, and a golden plate. Is there anything more ridiculous? Replacing human value with cheap metal plates? How did soldiers let themselves be told what to do by these individuals? How can soldiers not see that their souls are worth as much as those puppet masters of the shadows — those who send them to their demise at the slaughter house! (Hint: indoctrination from childhood, soon to be prevented by Meritocracy.)

You could say that these powerful families are the mental authors of the wars and the soldiers are theirs tools. How can soldiers think that they are defending their homeland in Afghanistan or Iraq? For example, aren’t they smarter than that? Did they not consider that they are committing a crime against humanity? What about the idea of “preventive” wars? Really? That bears as much logic as killing your neighbor just because you think he will rape your daughter one day, the probability of which is almost null, and completely unfounded. Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to make a preventive war against the United States, since Europeans could be next on the list of preventive wars? As you can see, this is a deeply warped logic. Who really rules the United States? As in most places, it’s not the government, but the multinational corporations.

Don’t let yourself be terrorized by their attempt to legitimize the abominable. Soldiers would do well themselves to organize to remove corrupt governments; do they not see who the criminals really are? Do you really think that government represents you, or is it representing the personal interests and politics and their wealthy friends? A government that does not work for everyone, for the common will, is worthless to the people. Governments that use the money of third parties (us) to benefit from their politics and the machine which has put them on top is simply criminal, and should be severely punished for the crime against the nation, against us, that is high treason.

As you can see, today in almost every country in the world, the political class is benefiting from the money of others, our money. Isn’t it the duty of a soldier to defend the country from any threat, be it internal or external? There is no greater threat than corrupt politicians and bankers., Where’s the love, soldiers? Love for your country and your family? Soldiers, are you just obeying everything you’re told by politicians and bosses? Do you not realize that democracy is merely an illusion, nothing more than a tool of the rich, to deceive the poor into thinking they have some power of choice? Think again: you just don’t get it. Any political party is under the strings of these puppeteer families, on both the left and the right of the political spectrum. Political parties are controlled from inside, by representatives of the wealthiest, most powerful families. The only choices you really have are which candidate you will buy, and a guess at who will win. That’s right; they win again. Ask yourself this question: How is it that the common voter, who has the ”power of choice”, lives on the edge of poverty, but those who are supposed to be doing the will of the people are all filthy rich? Sorry to tell you, but we are all slaves. How long will you submit to this humiliation? When will you decide to break the chains and fight with us? How long until you stop crawling on your knees as slaves, and stand up as proud humans? Are you ready to replace global elite control with Meritocracy?


David Rothkopf, Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2008).

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