100% Inheritance Tax — after one million

TMI Meritocracy A Closer Look Part III insetHow it works: When someone dies, the state will be left with the inheritance of people who have assets worth more than one million dollars. It’s a tax that will affect only the rich. The dead do not need cash, housing or anything. Without this rate, we will never create a society based on merit, because money is used to provide, for the rich, advantages over all others who may have just as much or more merit and personal value. How can people compete at the same level with individuals who live in privilege? They simply cannot, under the current system. Look at the differences. The rich do not have to worry whether they will have money to make payments for their rent or mortgage, water, electricity, gas, studies, insurance, car, gas, or health care. Which life do you think is more mentally, yours or theirs? A life with or without worries or concerns?

If you fail to pay the house mortgage, your home will be taken from you. What happened to the bankers who ruined the world? Nothing. They just got richer with the opportunities that crisis brought. Don’t the fairest among us think we should have taken their properties and money, nationalized the banks, sent them to prison, given them therapy, and prevented them from getting close to a management position ever again?

How will the money be used?

The revenue that will come from 100% Inheritance Tax and other fees will be used for the common good instead of being used by those selfish families — giving them advantages over us all. What is intended here is nothing more than the recycling of money that will be used for the common good instead of for the private benefit of a handful of super-rich individuals with purely selfish intentions. What is more fair and rational, a balanced society where everyone starts at the same starting point, wherein personal merit will be the judge of outcome? Or a society where the rich are the masters and we are the slaves, selfishly taking full advantage of their money and influence in their favor? If you’re rich and you live by privilege, Meritocracy is your worst nightmare coming true. If you belong to the overwhelming majority of people, you would have to be mentally ill to not support Meritocracy. Health and education are the foundation of any flourishing state. It will be those areas that will utilize most of the new revenue.


Our intention is to build a future that is based on education, which has been neglected until now. A world without education is a world that turns to crime. Most of the money that is currently used on prisons, weapons, and law enforcement will be invested in education. We want psychologists working side by side with armed police. A world with highly educated people is a world with much less crime and selfishness, a world with more creativity, more jobs, more culture, more efficiency, more rationality, and more love. We envision a society based on education, in which each person can learn what they want, and have a chance to specialize in their choice of vocation. We want bespoke education for every person, instead of the same model for everyone, as we have today. We are all different, with different tastes and talents. Why should we have a cookie cutter education system? What is good for one may be hell for others. We want to raise youngsters to be autonomous, to think for themselves, instead of relying on the groupthink of social groups, media, or beliefs taught by parents. A child is independent, not the mirror of their parents or society, and is not obliged to follow anyone’s beliefs or mindset. We want to unleash the full potential of each person, because each person is infinitely important. What is preferable, education and realization of potential, and consequently happiness? Or fools rushing to malls to buy products trying to satisfy a mediocre instant gratification?


We will create a health care system that is free for all, including pharmaceutical industries that are run by the meritorious, working under the jurisdiction and supervision of the state, thus avoiding the scams that we know exist and are damaging us all. This means that the National Health Service and pharmaceutical industries will be nationalized by the state, unlike most of the rest of the companies. In areas such as health and education, a state simply has to be self-sustaining. To reduce health care costs, the most rational strategy is to nationalize pharmaceutical companies. This will also eliminate the corrupt relationship between medics and pharmaceutical industries — who are currently more interested in selling drugs for profit than in assisting medics in healing patients. Just because the National Health Service is going to be nationalized, that won’t mean the extinction of private health services; in fact, competition is always desirable. It’s competition that causes systems to become more efficient and that spurs the development of new systems.

Political organization

Meritocracy will organize into city states. In the past, the city state model is the kind of organization that arguably brings more and better results. If we look at the city-states of ancient Greece, to the Renaissance Italian city states, or even the German Holy Roman Empire, we see that there was great competition between the cities, which means that they were always evolving, economically, socially, intellectually, artistically, and technologically. In the past, city states were quite often at war against each other. Surely this is not what we have in mind, but rather, we envision that city states follow the scientific model, in that they are all rivals, yet they maintain a beneficial relationship in helping each other. City states with more merit will most certainly attract more people. Each city state has independent policies. Problems between supporters of different political and ideological systems can be solved. Those who aren’t interested in living in one sort of Meritocracy can create a new city state with its own policies. Defenders of democracy can create democratic city states, anarcho-capitalists another, fascists yet another. They can have the system they want, provided that it does not interfere with other city states. Our intent, far from setting up any kind of dictatorship, is to provide structure which ensures true freedom.

The biggest cause of misunderstanding between people is the clashing of personality types, as people’s brains simply work differently from one another. We propose the creation of Meritocratic city states based on personality type. The psychological system offered for consideration is the Myers Briggs, which contains 16 kinds of personalities. It may not be necessary to build 16 cities, seeing as there are personality types who can work and live together.

The solution for ending the political cartels lies in ending the system of political parties. They are corrupt organizations. First, there will be Qualified Universal Suffrage: only after tests and demonstrations that people have knowledge of a particular area of expertise or profession, are citizens allowed to vote. Citizens can vote for as many areas that they possess knowledge in. Anyone who has a pair of neurons can see that the scientific method is the most successful method to solve problems. We intend to end policies based on irrational moralism and use the scientific method instead. Running experimental trials will provide results. We create and experience the possible solutions for some duration of time: either they work or they don’t. Those ideas that don’t work result in an abandoned project, and something new will be tried. Working methods will be refined until the results are at the height of efficacy. One of the goals of Meritocratic states is to show other states who aren’t Meritocratic, through the scientific method, that Meritocracy is the best system ever conceived of to date. We expect that they will follow Meritocracy instead of their system, consequently we will have a much better world. Let’s turn this cosmic madhouse that is the planet Earth into a paradise.

Final considerations

Meritocracy sooner or later will be deployed, it is inevitable, unless the idiots in governments start a nuclear war that destroys the entire planet. As for the undecided and skeptic who thinks that opinion will never change? They are completely wrong; their beliefs are nothing but creations and constructs — social, economic, and political. It’s a matter of time until Meritocracy spreads and we all will follow, because it’s the fairest system ever created, and those who don’t will be considered backwards and frowned upon. If you don’t have much ability to adapt, that’s not really serious, because your children will follow Meritocracy, and in one generation the planet can begin to change from hell to paradise, but the sooner the better: the current state of the world is far from legendary.

We need only 10% of the people to be visionaries for Meritocracy in order for it to go viral. Are you one of the heroes? Join us, for the future of your children. We can guarantee that they will have an opportunity to show their worth and their merit, that it will dictate how far they will be able to succeed. The sky is the limit for them. Join us! The world will talk of you as the generation that ended corruption, as the generation that with your bravery, ended the rule of tyrants, as the generation that brought light to the world. Contrary to that of dictators, Meritocracy is a benign system, the likes of which the world has never seen before. It’s a tremendously effective system, magnificently bright and fair, and we intend to build it with your help. Meritocracy asks that intelligent people spread Meritocratic ideas. Talk by talk, we will be able to reach a boiling point where people cannot endure one more day of the plutocracy, kleptocracy, and dumbocracy. Are you a warrior of light, or lost in darkness? (Hint: You get to choose.)

By Zing

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