TMI Allowing Inheritance A Loathe Story insetWhy is inheritance allowed to be passed down from generation to generation? Isn’t it to prove 
who is the most loving and successful guardian by securing a better future than others can? 
Let’s slice through that pie of materialistic bull dung — but just to get a whiff for what it is, and we’ll stop short of serving it up.

The underlying reason to leave an inheritance will that grants privileges to one’s progeny over others is 
hereditary love, a natural propensity to enable our genes to follow in a parallel line with 

the evolutionary process. Likewise it’s based on a desire to ensure those genes thrive in the world’s gene-pool. These 

are natural traits among humans, and nothing to be vilified. They have propelled human life 

to the present, avoiding extinction to date. Nonetheless, when the economic level playing field is skewed to favor 

wealth of dynastic proportions, it is sound reasoning to demand an economic reformation.

“For all men being originally equals, no one by birth could have a right to set up his own

 family in perpetual preference to all others for ever, and though himself might deserve some decent 

degree of honors of his contemporaries, yet his descendants might be far too unworthy to inherit 

them.” ~ Thomas Paine [1]

Favoring one’s family over the next and the rest is a formula for conflict, not only in an empirical 

sense associated with violence, but in the mental domain, e.g., as in the advancement of human ingenuity. No 

one chooses their family of birth, which is why preventing the 

Millionaire’s Estate Tax from refunding societal income is counter-productive. The children of the richest currently thrive to the greatest degree, at the expense of all others. Given that the 

resources required to impact the world around are afforded to the wealthy, what scientific theory or 

ethical system enforces the concept that those who are lucky to be born rich possess the intelligence 
or superiority gene? Family-centered values propagate this notion perennially. Predatory capitalism 
and social darwinism theorists also reinforce it with the term “survival of the fittest”.

Social darwinism has breached the temples of the physiology of the people, who now readily permit 
the hegemony of the elite over everyone else, and even adulate them for their grand “contributions”. 
This is the most despicable and subtle form of classism, favoritism, and rankism. First, monopolies 
are not innate in human behavior. Only psychopaths and sycophants embrace the misallocation of 

resources for their selfish ends, i.e., via profit. In fact everyone else is readily inclined to share. Permitting monopolies over the resources 

required for the sustainability of human life and development of infrastructure is an insupportable 

notion. However, due to the vast investments in propaganda and entertainment that reign over the 

people’s cognitive map, the people are 

corrupted and swayed by the idea that greed is good, and selfishness is divine. As Oliver Stone’s film 

of the late 1980s demonstrated, the vile speech given by the Wall Street broker Gordon Gecko 

was counter-intuitive to the satire of his intention. Therefore, altruism in modern society is shunned 

to the extent of taboo, e.g., labeling such a notion as Marxist.

In Meritocratic Democracy, emphasis on the basic unit is shifted from family to community, 

wherein the community is the composition of the families that make up the state. For that reason, all 

families are treated with high importance, as it is beneficial towards the community, viz., the state. 

The deprivation of resources to one family or many, for mere vanity of others, is counter-productive for 

any rational state that would highlight the overall quality of life in that state. It 

creates division of priorities for the state and allows different factions to emerge amidst different 

economic and political approaches, all depending on the factions’ cultural, social, and 

economic capital and outlook. The deterioration of the country follows the stagnation that a 

divided state delivers. For example, American democracy now has two major political parties, which appeal to different concepts and enactment of those ideas. However, the approaches to 

policy lead both parties to be in constant debates, time consuming, 

trivial, dogmatic, illogical and hence never a viable solution. Solutions attained tend to be a 

common ground between the convention and failure to deliver a unanimous vote. This conflict of 

interest creates tensions for the losing party, regardless of the laws imposed. For instance, legislation proposed by a liberal that is in essence conservative will still anger the conservatives, and vice versa. 

Political parties thus have become a parody of legitimate and efficient policy, demonstrating that 

those outside the political process merely have to divide the populace in order to conquer the 

country’s constitution. Likewise, when families perennially act against the interests of others, viz., 

inheritance, they’re intrinsically stating that they don’t care for others, regardless of the illusion of 

concern. Isn’t it time we grow up? Isn’t it time we justly demonstrate that we genuinely care about 

others’ families? Forget small talk, the boastful exchange of one’s triumphs to appear better off. If 

there is no level playing field, it’s all debris in the wind. We can show our unwavering love 

for others by putting our energy into promoting the Millionaire’s Estate Tax and maintaining it once set 
in motion. Doing otherwise is a spineless approach to love.

A shift from family to community must become the new norm. 

Xenophobia must be exterminated. We share one earth, our common inheritance. It is only 

logical to ban any practices that hinder the maximization of the state’s potential, that all citizens 

have an attribute that is desirable by a Meritocratic state, and hence must be nourished to the fullest 

extent by the resources the Millionaire’s Estate Tax affords that state. An attack on a fraction of the 

populace is an intrinsic attack on the well-being of the rest. It is a violation of the principles of a

 Meritocratic Democracy, and indeed a violation of the Constitution of the Founders of America.

“They serve to organize faction, to give it an artificial and extraordinary force; to put, in the place of the delegated will of the nation, the will of a party, often a small but artful and enterprising minority of the community; and, according to the alternate triumphs of different parties, to make the public administration the mirror of the ill-concerted and incongruous projects of faction, rather than the organ of consistent and wholesome plans digested by common counsels, and modified by mutual interests.” 
~George Washington [2]

The forefathers fought to overthrow a monarchy, and were aware of the tactics used by 

monarchs: divide the populace, and you will conquer them. Contemporaneously the democratic and 
republican parties divide the people and are further in schism the liberal-conservative 


 This of course is a false dichotomy: The Meritocracy 

Party offers a synthesis of socialism with capitalism, of democracy with 

aristocracy (based on the most qualified, the brightest, their prestige never to be afforded by financial standing).

If you truly love your children, you will entrust a psychologically sane state to guide them via Customized Education, 

providing you with leisure time to pursue your goals. Call it an investment; however, this is a serious 

matter that places human life in high regard. In other words, no more disposable citizens, layoffs,

 vagabonds who are brushed off — all justified by social darwinism. Everyone has an important place 

in society, something to contribute, and with proper early-life guidance balanced with autonomy, their contribution will be beneficial to

 all. City-states will allow similarly minded individuals to establish a state that suits their 

psychological personalities, aesthetic pleasures, and all motley variations thereof. 

This will ensure competition amongst city-states, allowing social capitalism to thrive, and encouraging trade of valuable renewable and nonrenewable resources. Only by 

virtue of rational laws and an enlightened society can peace be attained — call it the apex of 

compassionate rational love.

The idiom “blood is thicker than water” is perhaps the most irrational and base concept

 ever adopted by humanity. It holds that the family comes first, above anything else, a pretext for 

trampling over the needs of other families. It holds up hereditary solidarity as estimable, and blood as deeper in density than water; we’re all about 70% water, but family has lineage. Isn’t it time we unveiled the sheath of deceit, and appreciated one another for the 

beauty of our differences, recognizing that in them, we all have the same worth as humans?

In Meritocratic Democracy, the accumulation of wealth is permissible only insofar as

 the collector does so on account of her own will. Once her life is over, the state will recollect all 

excessive wealth and redistribute the currency in the development of its prosperity, namely the 

people it seeks to serve. If you truly want your kin to thrive from your success, teach them that trick 

you learned in order to pluck the fruit from the vine you once sought to reach. Any opposition to the 

Millionaire’s Estate Tax reflects a seething animosity for the people, and is the steaming, stinking epitome of loathing.


Common Sense, Ch. II (pg. 12)

2. “Farewell Address” <>

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  1. Adam Knight August 7, 2013 at 4:25 am #

    Love this loathe story!!!

  2. Jennifer Price December 15, 2013 at 7:51 am #

    I love this essay and personally believe that Thomas Paine’s writings should be required reading for everyone!!!!!

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