Why is it so wrong that I want to take care of my family?

The best thing you can do for your family, and for the future generations, is to support the Millionaire Inheritance Tax. The situation in which we currently live is one where a handful of families reap vastly disproportionate advantages over the majority. Education is the bedrock of a meritocratic society. We want to ensure that the education that is usually reserved for the elite is afforded to every child regardless of which family they’re born into. If you were somehow to lose the means to look after your family through injury or sudden death, your children are guaranteed the best possible outcome in life. Inheritance Tax doesn’t mean it is wrong to want to take care of your family; in fact it means that every family deserves the right to be safe in the knowledge that their children are going to have an equal opportunity towards making a better future for themselves.

   THE MERITOCRACY PARTY is creating a world where every child is guaranteed an equal opportunity to thrive. If you share this ideal, consider making a small donation to fund our servers, or join the MERITOCRACY INTERNATIONAL as a volunteer.

   We are artists, activists, writers, and intellectuals who crave an authentic and fair world. We feel the anomie of this age but we have a plan to fix it. Join us and create a better future‒make your grandkids proud.

CASPER SAUL joined THE MERITOCRACY PARTY in 2012. His activism focuses on economic equality--justice for the "bottom billion" whose cultures were dismantled by colonialism before being exploited by capitalism. Casper believes that guaranteed equal opportunity for every child is the only way to end the poverty caused by the financial oligarchy's concentration of wealth. He supports the MILLIONAIRE INHERITANCE TAX as the ideal policy to realize justice for impoverished communities that have been economically abused by the 1%.

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