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Why the Radical Left Needs Trump to Win—Part II

Trump will awaken the people to proclaim plutocracy dead.

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Why the Radical Left Needs Trump to Win—Part I

… the most revolutionary president in history.

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Hidden Dangers, Part I

Dare to trigger.

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A Straw Man Painted Black and White: The Political Folly of South Africa

… but just the sweetest things when there’s attention to be had.

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Europe Reels from Greek Crisis Deal

Does Greece’s plight ignite your demand for Equal Opportunity for Every Child?

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Millionaire’s Death Tax Introduction

The rest is destined to society.

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Meritocracy in 100 Words

The meaning of Meritocracy, from the minds of Meritocrats: “…united by reason and distinguished by talent.”

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Meritocracy is coming, whether the financial oligarchs want it or not. Will you take part in the revolution? If you’re committed to Meritocracy, get involved by joining the community of meritocrats over at Meritocracy Now! We’re looking for people who can work together in getting meritocratic parties off the ground. For a list of specific […]

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