T he meaning of Meritocracy, from the minds of Meritocrats:


Meritocracy is a two-pronged approach that brings intelligence to collective decision making. Prong one is the principle that Experts Are Empowered. Intelligent experts have the right to make binding decisions on behalf of the collective when their expertise is relevant. Prong two is Guaranteed Equal Opportunity for Every Child. Every child has the right to the best resources available so that they may maximize their potential and become intelligent experts. Each prong is dependent on, and justified by, the other. Without guaranteed opportunity for every child, the power of experts is illegitimate. Without rule by experts, guaranteed opportunity is impossible.
— Casper Saul

Meritocracy is government of the people, by the most qualified, for the people.

It enshrines positive liberty.

It prevents the excessive concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few.

It supports the development of the best possible education system.

It provides equal opportunities to its citizens.

It distributes government authority and power to individuals deemed as competent to carry out the responsibilities and duties assigned to them.

It assigns communities of professionals and experts to judge the merit of individuals for government positions.

It devotes State resources to the systematic satisfaction of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
— Argentum

In Meritocracy, the 100% Inheritance Tax is the reset button that funds 100% Custom Ideal Education. Every child begins life with the same wide world of opportunity and abundant resources as every other child. People live and work among others with whom they find it enjoyable to make a vibrant community. They choose the work that they love, it is their merit that generates career advancement and government leadership, and they vote where they are qualified. Meritocracy frees individuals to know themselves and to develop into the most and the best that they can become.
— Jelyrsu Bundonu

Meritocracy is a contractual state run for the people, by the people that have demonstrated most worth. Individuals are elected into power by means of a direct democratic process within specified fields of occupation, from amongst peers that are qualified to vote for those individuals. Meritocracy is opposed to all forms of monarchy, autocracy, dictatorships and oligarchies, and will replace free market capitalist democracy with social capitalism run by a meritocratically elected government. Meritocracy removes the link between parental wealth and children’s outcomes in life, and eradicates nepotism and cronyism (the dual drivers of privilege).
— Thomas Payne

Meritocracy is a system wherein the most knowledgeable, most capable individuals will naturally rise to fill positions of power. It is based on equality of opportunity for all, a system which allows those of greatest capacity to achieve their full potential. Under the Meritocratic form of rule any obstacles preventing individuals from achieving their full potential will be removed and legislated against by the Meritocratic State. Meritocracy is anti-elitist*, and pro-positive liberty by default. Meritocracy is a refined dialectical system which takes the best elements of Capitalism, Communism and Socialism, while discarding the dated, elitist* elements of each.
— Leonhard Jung (“Elitist” and “elite” here refer to entrenched elitist and elite.)

Meritocracy is a system where the functions of social mobility are not interfered with and by circles of privilege, nepotism, or cronyism, as these will be explicitly anathema.

A functionally statist model, it ranges from city state to regional governance when and if applicable, whereby the citizenry of the state, socially and contractually bound to solidify it, have no impediments to their internal impetus to accomplish whatever their internal trajectories are. This is accomplished by a 100% Inheritance Tax that ensures the commonwealth is in full supply and always able to provide people the means to accumulate and apply their merits.
— Averroës Rushd

Meritocracy is a system of governance in which positions of authority are elected on a basis of knowledge by those who have proven to be most knowledgeable in a specific given field. It is not about who you know, but what you know. Every individual is guaranteed at birth equal opportunities for advancement via the policy of one hundred percent inheritance tax. The state’s ultimate function is to foster community integration and maximization not only by means of secular education, but by fostering a love of self-knowledge. The end result is a society united by reason and distinguished by talent.
— Zara Nolan

Meritocracy is a refined system of government whereby experts fill positions of authority, not those with the deepest pockets, familial ties or back room connections. Guaranteeing every citizen access to an education that will allow them to become subject matter experts filling those positions will be achieved by using resources from a complete Inheritance Tax. Shifting from a free-market based capitalist system to a social capitalist one is a necessary dialectical progression. A more perfect society will be attained by restructuring the ways we use our resources and run our institutions, eliminating the rampant inequality in our world today.
— August Wojtkiewicz

Meritocracy is the best political model to prevent the corporate oligarchs from gaining further control over our electoral process. It does so by transforming elections into a more intelligent and efficient process that promotes only individuals who have proven themselves worthy by having a record of virtuous contributions to society and establishing expertise in the position and field. They maintain their position by continuing to perform innovative collaborations to solve real problems. Meritocracy also includes strategies for empowering the less fortunate of our citizens with greatly improved education systems and the redistribution of wealth through the Millionaire’s Estate Tax.
— S. Rhine

Meritocracy is about an equal opportunity for everyone. If humanity were to embrace this idea there would be no family dynasties. Children would grow up in a fair land, granting each of them an equal opportunity to follow their dreams. A 100% inheritance tax would be set in place to ensure money and possessions do not lead to an imbalance in power. The government would be run by those most qualified in their respective field, granting the most beneficial consequences for the human race. Meritocracy brings similar minds and interests together. In short, this movement brings out the best in everyone.
— Keith A. Berry


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  1. womcs March 4, 2013 at 11:41 am #

    K S,

    Will you clarify what you mean in the sentence: “Sent away for good are they, creative minds now safely play.”

    Thanks for creating this site. I am looking forward to its growth.

  2. Karena Smith March 18, 2013 at 4:05 pm #

    “Psychopathic entities, no longer in society.
    Sent away for good are they, creative minds now safely play.”

    Our planet has a long history of imprisoning, persecuting and/or killing the most intelligent, creative, and out-of-the-box thinkers of society. Today, as the power of the selfish elite is at it’s zenith, they are allowed to be in high positions of responsibility and control over all sectors of the public: financial, religious, judicial, food production, medicine, psychiatry and the police/military. Over time, they have turned democracy into a system of laws that reward all forms of corruption. These laws also protect the corrupt from prosecution, even for the most heinous of crimes against humanity.

    In a Meritocracy, these totally selfish, psychopathic people, who have no conscience and no concern for community, would never be allowed to have this kind of power. Hopefully, they would be identified early in life and totally isolated from the public, since a true psychopath cannot be rehabilitated. (for more information read the book called “Political Ponerology”.)

    Therefore, in a Meritocracy, creative geniuses would finally be safe to play and innovate in any way they felt inspired!!! Humanity would be free to move forward into it’s full potential…

  3. Arthur Kettelhut May 6, 2014 at 3:09 pm #

    There are a lot of excellent questions posed in this list. I see this as encouraging, even the doubters since it proves they are using their ability to think! We must be prepared to use Logic, Reason, and steer clear of fallacies and the temptations of emotion when dealing with systems of governance. I look forward to assisting using my own Meritocratic skill sets that have served me well.


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