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Meritocrats of the Caribbean: the search for genius in future Jack Sparrows

Even in the midst of freedom, order and rights must be established and enforced for all parties to reflect the greatest responsibility life has to offer. The “We” type of freedom represents positive freedom in which all party members cause and benefit from a desired result. Through teamwork, creativity, and determination under the direction of efficient leadership, anything is possible. In Gore Verbinski’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, even the criminal pirates are knowledgeable on codes that govern their freedom. Freedom, amongst a certain group, still lives by rules and an authority figure who guides and provides a safe haven where everyone can enjoy and prosper. One of the great individuals produced by this kind of thinking was the legendary fictional character Captain Jack Sparrow. His renowned outside-the-box method of escapism, obscure philosophical jargon, and propensity to know precisely when and where he is needed made him a rivetingly important pirate and a compelling character in the series. Jack Sparrow is a being you simply cannot recreate. So what is the connection between a movie about a swashbuckling crew of thieves and a rational political system? Simple: Jack Sparrow.

No more wigs

When you picture governance, you almost always picture a Wig, elegance, and the appearance of someone who garners respect. The presentation and regal etiquette commands attention and basically wins people over. Now we have the suit and tie brigade, the smiles, and elegance taking their place. Articulate figures who dazzle with rhetoric (most of the time), and have the aura of success surrounding them. Every politician has the same old and tired views, the same bland policy types, and economic (wealthy) background. There are no differences between Senators or House of Representatives or Presidential candidates. They could all exchange ties and you wouldn’t be able to pick one out of a room. Is that what we aspire to? A group of the same kind of individuals? When we vote in elections every four years, is there really any difference between the candidates? Will the elected President have any distinct ideologies from past Presidents in recent years in his party? Probably not. Most likely, he will be a wealthy individual from a privileged background, promote family values, be Christian, and have a planned-out campaign focused on trying to earn people-points (votes). We see that the key to becoming President is a silly one. The parameters are already set. Be extroverted, preach family values, speak on behalf of prevailing views, and never deviate from the norm. At no time does the actual merit of an individual come into question. Well, genius and innovation are simply not in the rigging on this craft, contradicting rule number 4 on the DOs-and-DON’Ts list for a successful political campaign. These people are elected into office on the basis of familiarity and an approach slightly above average. Want to be President? Thank your wealthy family. Talent and ability aren’t welcome. Creativity? Don’t be silly.

Will the real Jack Sparrow please stand up?

It’s time for a new leadership. It’s time for an interesting character. It’s time for an independent thinker that can not only dazzle with his/her speaking ability, but install a zeal in government that all but destroys the old ways. That sets the standard on political excellence and brings about a new energy and flavor to the nation. One who solves problems with the help of other dazzling and interesting party members. Imagine attending the convention of a democrat, and they invite an independent politician whose creativity and intelligence is unorthodox and unconventional—one who pokes holes in their background, policies, and silly emotionally driven and trivial rhetoric. This one can shiver yer timbers in a debate with a complete understanding of his opponent’s views, and his ability to wave through all of the nonsense and usual bore they are serenading the nation with, and can divide the masses. One who can be absolutely loathed by those who harbor irrational and contradictory views (Tea Party, anyone?), and can win over intelligent and regular citizens alike. A ridiculously resourceful individual with the help of other great and learned men and women? What could possibly stand in the way of a nation unlike any other in history, led by a world historic figure of incalculable abilities and immeasurable merit?

Davey Jones’ replacement

Today’s politicians summon to mind the legendary “Flying Dutchman”. They are hornswaggling power abusers who rule in the interests of themselves and their immediate clan. They could not care less about the duties that inhere the title of leader, and are more concerned with feeding their massive egos and pockets. If only we could place a squid’s lower parts under their chin to reveal how vile they are. Even though Jack Sparrow is nothing short of a pirate genius, his crew mate—and sometimes enemy—Will Turner presents another intriguing leader type. He’s a man of honor and intellect, whose drive knows no bounds and who understands the virtue of sacrifice. He puts everything he has into helping others and leading them amongst impending dangers. That’s an individual who makes it through by the strength of his back and the sweat on his brow. He understands and fulfills the responsibilities and expectations of the role of power, reaping the rewards only when appropriate. Either leader would be a refreshing change from the corporate figureheads that we have now. We should be headhunting: where are the radical and edgy personalities with the rational view of governance? A high-stakes competition of top-notch people for the sake of producing a stellar nation—with rum in moderation. The steering of a great ship demands the discovery of a treasure: a great Captain be the booty. No yellow-bellied, lily-livered land-lubbers!

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