How rare, how firm is YOUR will? In Dante's *Divine Comedy*, Gaius Mucius Scaevola's is superlatively both.

How rare, how firm is YOUR will? In Dante’s *Divine Comedy*, Gaius Mucius Scaevola’s is superlatively both.

You live in a world where all that matters is how much you can pay for how little you receive. Banks will try and sell you their products, but if you just want somewhere to keep your money, what’s the difference between banks? Unless you have astronomical amounts of money, not very much. The price of food and shopping creeps up every year while the quantity and quality of what you buy diminishes. Apple has a store full of “Genius” assistants to help you when your Apple product, the one you saved up and paid all that money for, seemingly the best on the market, becomes faulty! The UK government financially strangles the NHS to the point where resources are so limited they hope to encourage people to invest in private healthcare.

The sad thing is, we know all of this already. No one is willing to do anything about it, no one ready to speak up for what they believe to be right and true, no one prepared to stand out from the “superstar” culture that has developed thanks to celebrity and media influence. Everyone passes the buck. No one is to blame. Just keep spending. That’s the message.

How about a new message? How about, instead of helping ourselves, we help each other? How about instead of watching “The X Factor” or “The Voice”, you read a book on something that will help develop your talents? How about instead of dreaming of being a hero, you become a hero?

The biggest idea of all at the moment though—how about instead of tolerating a government that only sees you as a piggy bank to be permanently smashed, you stand up to these corrupt aristocrats and let someone more educated, someone who understands what is best for the country and its people, take the reins? by HundredPercent Inheritance-Tax

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