Isn’t this just totalitarianism? 100% Inheritance tax infringes on my freedom.

When it comes to freedom and liberty there are two versions. There is on the one hand negative liberty and on the other hand positive liberty. Negative liberty means having freedom from something or someone, e.g., government interference. This is the type of freedom that is emphasised all throughout our societies. Nobody wants anyone else to poke their nose in their business, and especially not the State. This works both ways. Not having government care about you means that when push comes to shove the only help you’ll receive is from your friends and family. Maybe this is enough for you. For a great majority of people it isn’t, and often this is a major reason for the number of criminals, drug addicts and homeless people on our streets.

Positive liberty entails the opposite. It means possessing freedom for something. It means having the power and resources to fulfill your potential. Meritocratic Government cares about you. They’re individuals, too, serving in a hyperstructure that’s in charge of making sure we have potable water and that the streets are safe at night. Imagine having a structure of this magnitude suited to offer you help, support and advice in your quest to live a purposeful life.

Policies such as the Millionaire Death Tax and 100% Inheritance Tax, coupled with Meritocratic Democracy, empower the State and subsequently the Government to render the best and most aid to everyone. It delivers to them the power to effect real change and implement the best programs they can develop to help citizens maximise their potential.

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