Broken Laws

TMI Broken Laws insetThe world is broken precisely because people, especially lawmakers, do not have a respect for—or understanding of—the laws of a nation. When our very own lawmakers give in to laziness, lobbyists and corruption, then how can good laws come about? We create a vicious cycle: bad lawmakers produce bad laws, and naturally the citizenry do not respect those very laws. We end up inculcating the succeeding generations with the very same cynicism and disregard that habitually creeps into civic minds and blinds them to the consideration and thoughtfulness needed to make good laws. It is a well known fact that the best work done is the work that’s inspired by genuine care and concern, while the worst is that of carelessness and callous self-interest. So many of our laws end up being wrought by careless hands, and they spin the wheel of a vicious cycle.

How can you overcome countless generations of people breaking the laws? By this point, hasn’t it already engrained itself in our blood, or is it that we unwittingly know the nature of laws better than anyone else? Naturally, how can you possibly respect today’s laws if they themselves are wrought of endless injustices? Moreover, how can you follow laws that you have learned not to respect? We must overcome countless generations of people breaking laws and making bad ones. This vicious cycle must be stopped, and a positive cycle capable of forging a new world and a new direction must come about.

It is because we allowed all the wrong people to craft our laws that we now suffer from bad laws, and wish to break them so as to ensure a greater freedom of expression and freedom to choose more varied experiences—to live more fulfilling lives. Current laws do not encourage lawfulness; they encourage crimes, and who better to compose these laws than criminals themselves? Political syndicates are nothing new, and neither are business cartels or aristocracy, entrenched into our system through the very laws themselves. These are exactly the last people to whom we should allow any power to change and create laws.

The phrase “good laws, good people” does not register as good to libertarians, for instance. Libertarians often unwittingly support the power elite by campaigning for the end of the state, and not only of its laws, but of all laws for the rest of humanity’s existence. Laws shape our minds and our behaviour, and through this they influence our instincts and their drives. No laws will mean there will be nothing to keep instincts and drives at bay. The result is an anarchy where the most powerful will dominate the least powerful, and freely exploit them to whatever ends. Libertarians argue that no laws will mean a further evolution of humanity by exploiting some functions of social Darwinism to encourage the best among us, but in reality the impact will only be that the most powerful will wield more might through the use of force and intimidation—we will be going backwards rather than forwards by allowing tyrants free reign over anything and everything.

People are often encouraged to embrace libertarianism because of bad laws that are already in place. It’s often hard to conceive how the very same system—that of liberal democracy wedded to free market capitalism—that claims to uphold civil rights also encourages wars and restrains freedom of speech and sexual expression, given that it allows such savagery to occur on an industrial scale; yet it is somehow the very same measure that will protect us from further savagery? Our current system is at fault, and our criticisms should not apply to other systems, both tested and theoretical. How does the failure of our own system validate the blanket dismissal of all other systems?

It is a reckless habit to jump the gun and say that all laws are bad. Such rushed conclusions make us victims to some of the basest of human intentions: thoughtless impulses and unrestrained selfishness—the very natures that turn any civilized society into a dangerous jungle ruled by gangsters. No society can be called civil or beneficent when its citizenry live in fear of poverty and in starvation, lacking the essentials needed to thrive and to maximize their potential. Our current laws are outdated and contrary to the fullest positive expression of humanity’s potential. They are laws that repress us and exploit us; they are laws made to harness the civic system and enable its exploitation of good people at the hands of a wealthy and supremely selfish few. We needn’t abolish all laws—we need better ones.

We must learn to apply ourselves to understanding our human natures and using them in a constructive way. It is always naïve to expect a citizenry to follow laws blindly, and we shouldn’t want such a thing, anyway. Likewise we cannot limit the expression of our human natures by blindly outlawing or shaming who and what we really are. Meritocracy is the only system that understands human psychology and seeks to build an intelligent society based upon this understanding. The path is through application of proven insights from psychology and philosophy. We need to produce a new system with better laws—laws which make productive use of our instincts and drives (a healthy domain) instead of repressing, harnessing and exploiting these drives so as to control people more tightly.

People need to feel safe, cared for and loved. They need to know that they can express themselves freely, and to be encouraged to discover greater parts of themselves that they didn’t know of before. To thrive, people need to have clean, nutritious food, clean drinking water and a safe, healthy home to rest in. They need an education that builds on their unique way of seeing the world and turns it into productive skills. From the applied sciences to arts to entertainment and beyond, all types of directed human expression help contribute to a happy and healthy society. Existential satisfaction is greatest of all, because it lets us come to know our inner world by encouraging personal exploration and human relationships, thereby diminishing our need for material objects to define and satisfy us. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The fulfillment of basic needs and the chance to shine in what you love never should be the exclusive domain of an unmeritorious and increasingly privileged global elite and their lackeys. Meritocracy and the 100% Inheritance Tax is the mechanism to topple the world’s power elite and install the best leaders fit for their respective positions. They will be leaders accountable to society; they will be elected, and the state will make sure that they are fit for the job and remain accountable.

Meritocracy can deliver the very leaders needed to make the best laws—the laws that will set us on a path for a new world full of justice, peace and true freedom. Meritocracy is the system that will place us upon the golden road to a new beginning: one free from the tedious and deadly repetition of history. Meritocracy delivers sane laws that provide for all people in order to have their needs met, and from there to soar to their highest potential and satisfaction. Meritocracy is Equal Opportunity for Every Child.

by Josef K.

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  1. Bob Dixon February 24, 2014 at 5:55 pm #

    What’s ironic is that the reason some people refuse to recognize that families act exclusively in their own self-interest and preservation is because they too are acting in their own self-interest and preservation. They spurn the 100% Inheritance Tax because they wish to preserve their family’s advantages — however meager they may be — and rightly see the tax as something that inhibits their ability to do so. Yet, the tax is not a punishment; this is something that can’t be stressed enough. It benefits the whole of society, even those against it, by ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities from birth — a thing that can only be guaranteed by inhibiting the passing of advantages, or disadvantages, from parents to children. This is true, individual responsibility that any libertarian could get behind. Meritocracy is the only rational, political system out there. It’s the only one that has a tangible plan of changing the world that starts with the destruction of the oligarchs atop their hierarchies.

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