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The Best Is Yet to Come: Part I

History has not ended. We have not reached the pinnacle of our capabilities. Our incredible potential has not been actualized, yet so many great achievements mark the story of humanity’s development. The modern era has exploded with invention and knowledge in engineering, science, technology, and communications. Great achievements in the evolution of our consciousness indicate […]

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The Spirit of Meritocracy

Oh, boy. Another new idea for a political system. Again with the brilliant attempts to fix our broken society. One more fad meant to whip up the masses into a frenzy for a couple of weeks. Haven’t we been here before? Well, if you must. Yawn—let’s get this over with. Many people resort to this […]

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The Real Free-Market Capitalism: Part I

Free-market capitalism, a flagrant plutocracy wherein the rich dictate everything, can be decomposed into three layers. The super rich, or upper class, comprise the top 5%, the middle class inhabit the next 45%, and the poor, the lower class, languish as the bottom 50%. Tactically, if the lower class wanted to take down the upper […]

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Dispelling the Myth

A common and misconstrued belief about Meritocracy is that it is an ideal from which arises the justification of entrenched elitism. Many have suggested that the word is merely a myth, or even an impossible standard—although admittedly virtuous—towards which we should strive. British writer Alan de Botton puts forth an argument that the trend in […]

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