TMO Meritocracy Call to Action insetCan’t you feel it? The passion? The intensity? The fire? This is one of the many faces of Meritocracy, the political system of the people, by the people, for the people. Meritocracy is reinforced through the five principles: No nepotism. No cronyism. No discrimination. Equal opportunities. Rewarding merit. Anyone who has a problem with any or all of those injunctions is a direct enforcer of the problems that face us now. We must resist all who hold us back.

We have been falsely led to believe that our leaders are in control of our nation, doing right, and leading this nation correctly. In fact they don’t have anything under control except the minds of its citizens. They have barely done anything right, and have led this nation into the ground. We are caved in. Silenced. Forgotten. Dehumanized. They live in mansions with furnished toilets while others die from malnutrition. They amass this wealth through ill-gotten means, including bribery, cartels, and backdoor dealings. They call for less regulation and fewer eyes peering over their backs, so that they may carry out their scams in secrecy, away from scrutiny and avoiding devil’s advocates.

Corporate leaders provide the public with crappy jobs that give rise to a drab soullessness rather than vibrant fulfillment. They sell us junk food, junk shopping mall products, and junky, mind numbing entertainment. Politicians throw breadcrumbs to the needy in the form of welfare, in hopes of giving just enough to keep the underclass from rising up, taking action, and demanding change. Well, we don’t want their scraps! We want what’s owed to us: equal opportunities! The underclass is fed on crumbs. It’s demeaning to live like animals, clawing and feasting on each other to get a meal. Instead of being in school and making a contribution to society, too many end up sitting in jails. No human should be allowed to become the plight of others. We should be uplifting people earlier in life by giving the young every chance to succeed. High quality education available to all children would render their opportunities wide and viable.

The levers of control used by the entrenched elite have reached religion, entertainment, politics, and the entire psychological spectrum of our nation. They have stripped away our spirit, our minds, our very essence. Why? So that they could make an extra buck. We don’t need them. If every millionaire and billionaire died, would anyone really cry for them? On the other hand, if every doctor or teacher died, we would all be screwed. The nation would fall to pieces. People glorify the elite, the celebrities, and the religious leaders, but of course little is done to praise our freedom fighters, artists, engineers, psychologists, philosophers, mathematicians, scientists, teachers, doctors, etc.

We weaken the spine of our nation by making taxpayers pay for bailout schemes they had no business paying for. We turn our backs on future generations by not guaranteeing every child an equal opportunity. We have misidentified the enemy. We have attacked ourselves. We let the attackers, the wolves, the parasites take what is ours. They get to spend and bet on stocks and take home millions and billions every year in profit from their corporations, but they cannot take any money if they don’t have workers. So they spend all kinds of time making obedient worker drones. They force you to work for them so that you can live comfortably and no one ever asks why.

We are born into terrible division, hatred, and confusion, such that from the beginning, we are forced to trust only our nearest and dearest and to alienate others — to stomp, trample, and kick over one another as we get in line for the rat race. We die, hoping only to leave a small pittance to our children in hopes that they can be successful in the rat race we have just lost. Millions of people do this, yet only a few succeed: the empowered elite — the engineers —and winners! — of the rat race. They are already in front. They send their kids to private schools. They mingle their kids with other kids of privilege. They have access to all their parents’ resources. They are CEOs, presidents, prime ministers, hedge fund managers, and bankers in training. They are the closest to the money and are all but ensured to win the race. Good for them; bad for the rest of us.

Our leaders are savages. They have been taught to manipulate and control. They are selfish, evil, and psychopathic. Drunk off power. The people, though, have one ace in their hole: intelligence. The elite fear those who are smart enough to see through their lies. They don’t like to see autonomous individuals who can think for themselves. How can you tell? Look at the world they have constructed. In education, a child enters a school where there are hundreds (or thousands!) of students like him, except each and every one is different. The child will be taught the same material as all the others, the same way, until he graduates, or is deemed by the education system to be smart enough to follow orders.

There is no ingenuity. There is no creativity. Schools should be about inquisition, about experimentation. About aiding future artists to find their style and make contributions. About assisting future scientists to experiment on objects and explore their curiosities. About crafting leaders. About allowing kids to make mistakes without worrying about grades and discipline. A happy child engaged in what she loves will not act out. If surrounded by like-minded individuals who share her same passions, she will learn to become part of a collective whole, striving to reach their potential. Imagine a school dedicated to bringing out the genius in every child, and competence in her areas of expertise.

In a Meritocracy, education is our bedrock, and ingenuity and creativity are our greatest forms of entertainment. We will be led by the hardest working and most talented individuals. We can create a rational, streamlined political system that panders to the uniqueness of every individual. In a Meritocratic society, everything is subject to change and to perfecting itself, much as in the scientific method. We can combine creativity and imagination, limitless forms of energy, with scientific analysis and deduction. The most important thing is that we rally behind Meritocracy and take back what is ours. With it all possibilities are opened up.

The elite also dumb down entertainment. You will never see a program dedicated to deductive reasoning, or artistic ability. You will never see “think-outside-the box” ingenuity in a Kellogg’s cereal commercial (for their profit, all that is required is that you think inside their box). American Idol and Fear factor are devoid of anything intelligent, including real musicianship. It’s a popularity contest just as much as is our political process.

Without the elite we can craft a world suitable to the aims of those governed. It is in the interest of the people that their government act in accordance with the people’s need for positive freedom. If it fails, the governed must take back the power given to the politicians and find a new system, complete with new ideals and new faces to clean up the mess created by the former institution. Look at Obama: he retains the same players from the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, the Trilateral Commission, etc. What was that we were hearing incessantly about change? Nothing significant altered under Obama. They talk of him saving the economy. From what? He prevented the collapse from harming the super rich, not the regular people. The bankers got bailed out, but we didn’t. In fact, we got screwed over. He merely pushed the impending economic crash further down the road. It doesn’t feel that way because we have been conditioned to take all kinds of crap from the elite. People are too interested in the tales of Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan, and not focused enough on the crisis of globalization. Who cares about employing children to make Nike shoes, when people can go and buy a pair, and flaunt them at friends they are trying to impress, or at women in an attempt to seal the deal.

If Obama really wanted to change things, he would put trustworthy people in power and fire all those responsible for the economic meltdown. Do you imagine that their idea has been to let the people write their ideals? The elite do not make up this country; they simply reap the rewards. They live in high towers, gated communities, and fine mansions. They actively separate themselves from us. Well, who cares about them? Their wealth means nothing if we don’t acknowledge it. They put up a fake persona collectively so that it is easier for people to relate to them. Now they are amassing more and more wealth than ever before, and with it their arrogance magnifies. We begin to see what was always there: a deep hatred for us, and a selfish mindset. It’s now our time to do what is right and place the right people in charge. It’s time to replace the old system with the new one: Meritocracy.

By Phoenix Goodman

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  1. Casper Saul May 17, 2013 at 4:42 pm #

    Powerful and evocative. Great descriptions. You’re really hitting your stride Adam!

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