TMO The Unfair World insetLife isn’t fair. We hear this terrible excuse for the ills of this world all the time. It is meant to somehow ease the pain whenever something unfair happens to us. It is this kind of lazy thinking that allows the world to remain unfair. We are in need of some real parenting.

Many great individuals are outcasts in society because they don’t fit into the mainstream. Nowadays we’re “in” if we’re chasing the American Dream, an idea that places us outside of ourselves. We are supposed to heed what our parents think, conform to what the herd thinks, and acquiesce to what our religions tell us to think. But they’re wrong. This kind of thinking is not thinking at all, and has led us into a top-heavy society based on winners and losers. But we are neither. As a whole we have all failed. Trying to distance ourselves or poke fun at or demonize others is an admittance of our own failures. Casting the first stone, we are “filled with sin”, part of the problem and not the solution. There are many autistics with amazing minds capable of understanding things that most people simply can’t. Instead of accommodating their needs, we bend these geniuses to the norms of the herd. What’s the point of a democracy if our greatest minds are being destroyed, and nonsense and trivia reign supreme? All we have to do is look at Honey Boo Boo and Justin Beiber to realize what the masses really love in our children.

Meritocracy holds the individual, and by extension the society, in high esteem, fashioning both by fashioning each one, specifically and detailed. Unfortunately, right now everything is arranged such that we force everyone into a meat grinder and shave off all their creativity and imagination, all their talent and dedication and instead mold their minds to chase after money and fame and “success”. We glorify the “successful” and demonize the “failures”. Talk about kicking you when you’re down. In this unfair world, selfishness is the key. It’s what drives this world into the ground. It’s what leads billionaires to try to be trillionaires. How much more do they need?

These people are slaves. They would kill themselves if they lost only half of their money. The view of a man in a suit and tie jumping off a bridge perfectly illustrates the value these folks place on life. There is nothing special about them. They are robots following the programming their fathers and mothers taught them, and the same programming that they will teach their kids. They get richer, and everybody else gets poorer. Their mission is to separate themselves from regular citizens to continue to amass more and more wealth, by taking it from us, to “employ” us. Who are these people? We as humans should never be subjects of another. We should be employing ourselves, not waiting for some dull job that at best gets us through our days, working to live a relatively less miserable life than the class underneath us. We deserve to be treated better, and it starts with when we are born.

A fetus requires a lot to be born: a warm environment big enough to house it, and constant nourishment to grow. The mother must feed it constantly, eating what the baby craves. Her body has to build up nutrients and hormones to accommodate the extra weight. In all of this we see the feedback loop necessary to allow for her baby to be all that it can be. We must apply the same steps to our government when the child is actually born.

Of course we must not coddle them beyond what is optimal for each stage of development. We must allow children to grow of their own accord, but we must be there for support and guidance along the way. We cannot encourage children to make decisions they are not ready to make, such as universal suffrage does by offering them the opportunity to vote on candidates and issues they are unqualified to discern. We must not disturb the cocoon before the butterfly is ready to come out. We must be fair to the individual and society. It starts with us and ends with us. In a Meritocracy, life is fair.

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  1. Argentum May 29, 2013 at 5:18 am #

    The last two paragraphs are spot on! Not the rest of the article isn’t either :).

  2. Julien Hdez July 15, 2013 at 4:06 pm #

    Creating the fair world. The thoughts that lead to the spoken and written words that shaped the minds of others and changed the world around us.

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