Won’t redistributing wealth to the poor perpetuate their poor use of resources?

Maybe this would be true if we just gave poor and uneducated people blank checks to buy whatever they want; but the 100% Inheritance Tax will go only toward proven social programs that lift the poor out of poverty, such as nutrition and education.

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The Soviet Union tried this, and it didn’t work.

The Soviets tried something completely different that has no relation to 100% inheritance tax. 100% inheritance tax is not a planned economy; it is a method of guaranteeing equal opportunity to every child.

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Isn’t this just totalitarianism? 100% Inheritance tax infringes on my freedom.

When it comes to freedom and liberty there are two versions. There is on the one hand negative liberty and on the other hand positive liberty. Negative liberty means having freedom from something or someone, e.g., government interference. This is the type of freedom that is emphasised all throughout our societies. Nobody wants anyone else to poke […]

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What about when a spouse dies? Are you going to kick the family out of the house?

Is this another one of those situations where the husband owns 100% of the family’s property and the wife owns nothing? Why is it considered a good thing that a single spouse own everything? In the typical nuclear family with two parents and two kids, the mother and father should each own a portion of […]

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My grandfather passed down his farm to us; are you saying 100% inheritance tax would take this away from our family?

Did your grandfather own 100% of the farm? What about your grandmother? What about your grandfather’s employees who worked that farm? If your kids work on the farm, they deserve an economic stake in the farm. Centering the question around grandfathers and family farms and family businesses fails to address the authoritarian undercurrents in these […]

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Why should I have to pay for the kids of failed parents?

In a community based on equal opportunities, no family would show disrespect to other families by trying to commandeer excessive resources for themselves at the expense of everyone else. Parents of one family would be as interested in the success of the children from other families around them. Failed families lead to crime and poverty, […]

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Isn’t it a parent’s responsibility and natural instinct to leave as much wealth and possessions to their children as they can?

“[If you are asking this question,] then you are plainly not a meritocrat. The Society of Privilege is one where rich families pass on overwhelming financial advantage to their children, at the expense of all other children. You say that it is a natural instinct for parents to want to give as much as they […]

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Why is it so wrong that I want to take care of my family?

The best thing you can do for your family, and for the future generations, is to support the Millionaire Inheritance Tax. The situation in which we currently live is one where a handful of families reap vastly disproportionate advantages over the majority. Education is the bedrock of a meritocratic society. We want to ensure that […]

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Doesn’t inheritance tax act as a tax on already taxed goods?

This shows a gross misunderstanding of the tax system. The price of an estate on death is usually vastly more than when the house was first bought. The value, due to inflation, gained over a long period was tax-free. So the majority of the estate is actually taxed only once, upon death, when the person […]

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Isn’t government corrupt, inept, and inefficient, and would it not therefore fail to put my hard-earned assets to good use?

One must remember that the Millionaire Death Tax and 100% Inheritance Tax are not stand-alone facets of Meritocracy, but together form one of its pillars. For a Meritocracy to function properly, the voting system will also need to be changed, where only experts and individuals with proven knowledge (by degree or state issued tests) will […]

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