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Rich Kids: Don’t Envy Them — Pity Them

When I was at boarding school, those years of my life were filled with both the sweet first tastes of freedom and the bitter first tastes of how unfair the world could be. As with most schools there exist distinct “cliques”, or groups of students who naturally gravitated towards each other due to some unseen […]

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Allowing Inheritance: A Loathe Story

Why is inheritance allowed to be passed down from generation to generation? Isn’t it to prove 
who is the most loving and successful guardian by securing a better future than others can? 
Let’s slice through that pie of materialistic bull dung — but just to get a whiff for what it is, and we’ll stop […]

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Meritocracy Tablet: Never Set in Stone

Carrying on tradition? For what purpose and to what end? Is it that we as humans are so unsure of ourselves, so afraid of progress and open-mindedness that we would rather hold dear the ways of decaying ideas and systems that have long been washed away with the ocean of change and improvement? Are we […]

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The Unfair World

Life isn’t fair. We hear this terrible excuse for the ills of this world all the time. It is meant to somehow ease the pain whenever something unfair happens to us. It is this kind of lazy thinking that allows the world to remain unfair. We are in need of some real parenting. Many great […]

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The Spirit of Meritocracy

Oh, boy. Another new idea for a political system. Again with the brilliant attempts to fix our broken society. One more fad meant to whip up the masses into a frenzy for a couple of weeks. Haven’t we been here before? Well, if you must. Yawn—let’s get this over with. Many people resort to this […]

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Optimised Education in a Meritocratic Democracy

“Mainstream education doesn’t challenge students to become critical thinkers. We have to move beyond old forms in order to produce a better system overall. Current policies come mainly from folks who don’t do the job.”—Colin Neufeld What does the current education system offer individual students? Does it empower them to be agents of choice in […]

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My Family and Meritocracy’s 100% Inheritance Tax

I am from a middle-class/slightly lower-middle class family, but I have no family issues whatsoever. I know that this is not the case for many, and I understand that family can be a source of great discontent. For me, though, it’s simply not so. I love my family dearly, and I can say the same […]

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