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Optimised Education in a Meritocratic Democracy

“Mainstream education doesn’t challenge students to become critical thinkers. We have to move beyond old forms in order to produce a better system overall. Current policies come mainly from folks who don’t do the job.”—Colin Neufeld What does the current education system offer individual students? Does it empower them to be agents of choice in […]

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For Each Other, Not Against

As soon as people realize that Robotma and Crumney both have been mere figureheads of the real problem, we might actually start fighting for each other instead of against one another. Oil is bad. War is bad. Loopholes for the rich are bad. Lazy idiots are bad. Corporations have the power: it is in the […]

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Inheritance Tax FAQ

Meritocracy FAQs

Isn’t it my choice to determine how I dispose of my assets? 1,100 billionaires have double the assets of the world’s poorest 2.5 billion people. The vast majority of people have little to no assets to pass on to their children. If you want fairness and justice in society it is essential that there be a measure […]

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