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Anti-Heroism: Part II

Before the internet gained popularity, if you did something disgraceful, basically only very few people would hear of it, and once they did, they would soon forget it. Nowadays, your friends know it, your family knows it, your colleague knows it, your boss knows it, strangers know it, your great-great-grandson knows it — everyone knows […]

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Anti-Heroism: Part I

Ironman versus Superman When we were kids, almost every one of us yearned to be a hero, with godlike capabilities, flying aloft among the skyscrapers, ensuring the good and sorting out the bad — above all, garnering honor from all of humanity. This is the official version of heroism inside every kid’s heart. Hollywood producers […]

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1776 – 2012 Part II: Capitalism, Communism, and a Crock

Free-market capitalism is well known for its innate problems: total freedom in economy (the slaves are free to drudge), zero regulation (except during a recession, when those capitalists themselves are in trouble), extreme inequality, and profit-oriented, commodity-based, abolition of public property. In 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. Savants everywhere claimed that it signified the end […]

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1776 – 2012 Part I: Revolutions and Economics

1776: Boom! The American Revolution. The United States of America was established with the Declaration of Independence. At that time, America was no longer a part of the British Empire. This was the first time in history that humanity got a glimpse of a new type of society in which human nature could be born […]

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The Real Free-Market Capitalism: Part II

It is generally accepted that the have-nots will sooner or later stand up against the rich, since they have no choice. Unlike the rich, they have nothing to lose. However, this logic doesn’t apply when there is something called a “safety net”. It is this safety net that stops the poor from getting back what […]

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The Real Free-Market Capitalism: Part I

Free-market capitalism, a flagrant plutocracy wherein the rich dictate everything, can be decomposed into three layers. The super rich, or upper class, comprise the top 5%, the middle class inhabit the next 45%, and the poor, the lower class, languish as the bottom 50%. Tactically, if the lower class wanted to take down the upper […]

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The Immortal Army

In the famous Japanese comic “Naruto”, an immortal army, that can automatically rehabilitate itself in perpetuity after being wounded or killed, is summoned up against humanity. Since the dawn of man’s apprehension of the inevitability of death, people have been obsessed with immortality, roaming everywhere in search of immortalising agents. In ancient Chinese history, it […]

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The Real Problem and the Real Hero

“In France, in 1789, the people revolted because they were starving to death. Their lives were at stake.”—Anonymous, alias “220” Today, especially in developed countries, nearly none of our lives are at stake. Almost no one is starving, not even most of the poor. In fact, most of them are very happy to perform a […]

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