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1776 – 2012 Part II: Capitalism, Communism, and a Crock

Free-market capitalism is well known for its innate problems: total freedom in economy (the slaves are free to drudge), zero regulation (except during a recession, when those capitalists themselves are in trouble), extreme inequality, and profit-oriented, commodity-based, abolition of public property. In 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. Savants everywhere claimed that it signified the end […]

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The Best Is Yet to Come: Part IV

Education is arguably the number one priority of the Meritocratic State. Without Customized Education, all other tenets of Meritocracy would shift uneasily on a foundation of sand. Only a highly advanced education system, universal for all children, coupled with the development of a “culture of education”, will provide the heartbeat and lifeblood of Meritocratic quality […]

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Revolutionary Meritocracy: A Peaceful Solution?

Revolution: the prospect invokes visions of violent uprisings: torches burning, breaking glass, and heads flying. This was the old way of doing things. The people were desperate, living in penurious conditions, and the oppressors were brutal savages, so it was only fitting that blood would flow. Nowadays, developed countries usually look for a more “feminine” […]

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The Millionaire’s Estate Tax: So, What Gives?

So, what gives? What is the function of the Millionaire’s Estate Tax? It is a declaration of independence from the dead who have dictated the fate of the living. It is the economic guillotine designed to sever the global dynastic powers of extreme wealth and privilege, which deny countless others the opportunities to which they’re […]

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The Best Is Yet to Come: Part III

Suffrage reflects the will of the people, and therefore is the foundation of a legitimate government. Arbitrary whims of tyrants are no good measure for effective governance, and as Abraham Lincoln made clear, a truly legitimate government is of, by, and for the people. Therefore, along with constitutionality, voting is something that shall necessarily be […]

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The Best Is Yet to Come: Part II

“What professions do all these senators and congressmen have? Law, law, law, law, business, law, law, law … Where are the scientists? Where are the engineers? Where’s the rest of … life?” — Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson Constitutionality is of utmost importance for rule of law, and the value system infused in any given constitution […]

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The Best Is Yet to Come: Part I

History has not ended. We have not reached the pinnacle of our capabilities. Our incredible potential has not been actualized, yet so many great achievements mark the story of humanity’s development. The modern era has exploded with invention and knowledge in engineering, science, technology, and communications. Great achievements in the evolution of our consciousness indicate […]

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The Democratic Dodo: Beginning of the End

Let it go. Let it float down the Nile. Sing an impassioned spiritual for it. Swaddle democracy in a cute leather blanket. Place it gently in a basket woven by the finest underwater basket weaving overachievers in a junior college yet to be determined. Let the basket be constructed by 18-year-old “voters” to signify the […]

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A Royal R.I.P.-Off

What function does the royal family serve? What is the point in spending £200 million a year on an institution that has abdicated all of its responsibility? Why do we have a democracy wherein the head of state cannot be removed? The royal prerogative* and so-called powers of the prime minister allow the government to […]

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Meritocracy: What It Is, and What It Isn’t

The term Meritocracy derives from two terms: merit, which means value and/or

 demonstrable effort in a particular field of study and/or work, and the Greek word kratia, meaning

 that power is held by a particular entity. “Michael Young … critically defined it as a system where ‘merit is equated with intelligence-plus-effort, its 

possessors are identified at an early age […]

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