Won’t preventing inheritance undermine people’s work ethic when parents are no longer able to save up for their kids?

The threat of your kids being disadvantaged might motivate you to work, but this kind of destructive interfamilial competition keeps us all focused on accumulating when we’d rather focus on excelling at our passions. Most of us want to be autonomous, creative, inspired, engaged and competent; we feel our greatest joy when we’re contributing to […]

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Can’t unscrupulous parents just give wealth to their kids before death, avoiding the Millionaire Estate Tax? How will Meritocracy handle legal loopholes?

Loopholes can be closed. It should be a crime for one family to accumulate dangerous sums of power and wealth, because those hoards are used as weapons, and they threaten the freedom and prosperity of everyone else. Meritocracy will have laws, task forces, and regulatory bodies to deal with loopholes. These technical policy issues are […]

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What if I want to pass my business on to my son whom I’ve trained from birth to run it?

What system would you design to find the most meritorious CEO to replace you? Why not have a society where every position of power is filled by the person who is best suited for it? If your son is the most meritorious, let the Meritocratic system pick him for the job. But shouldn’t the role […]

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Isn’t it natural to pass wealth to children? How can any “system” stop natural behavior?

The purpose of every social system is to convert destructive natural behavior into productive artificial behavior. How does it help anyone when families are constantly fighting against one another instead of cooperating? Competition is only constructive if the score resets to 0-0 after the game. When one group of families consolidates wealth and power without […]

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What about big government? Is Meritocracy going to shrink government?

No system is so simple that “just shrinking it” will automatically fix social issues. Fixing government takes intelligence and skill, which are acquired only through effort, thought, and experimentation. Meritocracy has been developed by some of the smartest people our society has, as a realistic solution that will actually improve all of our lives. It […]

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Won’t getting rid of all government solve our problems?

Without government, there is only one law: the Law of the Jungle. The Law of the Jungle says that the strong get everything and the weak are enslaved. The Law of the Jungle is the end of civilization—it is the lack of civilization. “No government” means that the poor truly have less than nothing. Warlords […]

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Doesn’t government always make things worse?

The freedoms we currently enjoy came about because good people stood up and created better governments. The medieval governments had almost no freedom; most of us were slaves to feudal lords. By improving those crappy governments, we increased our freedom and now we have better lives. History has shown again and again that improving government […]

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Isn’t Meritocracy undemocratic?

Democracy has failed to achieve the social goals that we all want. Democracy was an improvement over monarchy, but modern democracies are now stagnating and threatened with collapse. This is intrinsic government failure, and simplistic democracy is the root cause. To fix our social issues we must look beyond simplistic forms of government to create […]

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If we want better government, why don’t we just vote for better schools, honest media, more effective healthcare, etc.?

The simple fact is, we don’t have the power to vote for these things. Even if the community votes to amend a constitution, accept a bond issue, or modify a school district’s budget, the citizens don’t have a voice in how that amendment is written or how that money is spent. We elect politicians to […]

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Isn’t it inevitable that the super-rich will ruin Meritocracy like they ruined democracy?

Over the long course of history, power has been transferred away from the dictators and to the people. Why should this stop now? A few jerks will always try to ruin any system, but over time the systems have improved, and now we have fewer dictators wrecking life for the rest of us. Improving government […]

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