TMI Scotland, Find Your Inner Braveheart and Run with It insetRecent events in Scotland have shown that our current governmental system, democracy, no longer works. How is it possible that 45% of a country’s people will be ignored? You can sit and argue that Scotland has been “robbed” or “tricked”, but the real point is that this decision will stand only as long as the good people of Scotland sit back and accept their “fate”. Then the 45% will become hypocrites, falling at the first hurdle and spiraling back into apathy along with the rest of the UK.

The Millionaire’s Estate Tax is the only way to remove the current government. This tax will literally save lives. Once The Meritocracy Party is elected, David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg, and Nigel Farage will be a distant memory. The country will be run by a real government which cares for its people and wants them to thrive, and if Scotland wanted independence from meritocracy they would be granted it.

Meritocracy doesn’t ask you to sit back or to keep suffering. No political party can ever represent you, your ideas or your beliefs. You can only ever represent yourselves. If people agree with your ideas and beliefs, the more the merrier, but each and every one of you is important. Vote with your feet. Say no. Argue. Question everything. Protest. Change will come eventually, either peacefully or violently, but it will come. There is nothing to be afraid of anymore. David Cameron has tried to pacify the people of Scotland by promising more decision-making power, but who is David Cameron to stop an entire nation of people saying no to him? He is no-one. He is a minority. The vote on Scottish independence was essentially an exercise in dividing Scotland, because the decision was never going to be made by Scotland. It was always going to be our government, the real minority in Scotland and the UK.

When will everyone realise that?

by Nomanex

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